Friday, August 29, 2014

Is Rayelan Trust-worthy?

Rayelan makes multiple claims which position her as a too trusting victim.  No person with the experience she claims could still be too trusting. They would not have survived in a world of double agents, disinformation operatives, and the other kinds of people she claims to have known in her earlier life. 
I strongly suggest you consider the worth of  any claim made by Darlene Rae Smith, AKA Rayelan Allen, Raye Smith, these among the pseudonyms she routinely uses.  Demand proof. 

One of the claims DRS (Rayelan) had made over the last several years was having been taken advantage of by people she trusted.  Such a claim can easily be made, especially when it opens up the opportunity to slander someone who had no opportunity to respond.  

Having a media outlet provides power for telling the truth and also for concealing truth and facts.  This is a power Rayelan uses to deny a voice to people who disagree with her.  She makes no apology for this on RMN, asserting it as a right.  She uses RMN as a podium to attack those who disagree with her as well.  

Doing this has impacted the kind of people who read RMN,driving away readers.  Transparency is essential to uncovering the truth.  The hostility of those in government to leaks of information point this out and those who demand transparency and truth must be prepared to be transparent.  

So, is Rayelan Allen, AKA Darlene Rae Smith, Raye Smith of Ashtabula, worthy of trust?  
Let's consider for a moment the claims made that the Powers - Lee Family were poisoning her, stealing from her, and were generally lazy, slothful, and never kept their promises. 

Rayelan made these claims to me, telling in detail of incidents in which she was always the victim, at the mercy of a group of people who were taking advantage of her.  

Because I believed her I was shocked and angry on her behalf and did not stop to question if this was the truth - at the time. 

When I first arrived in Ohio Rayelan claimed Leigh was sneaking into the house and poisoning her filtered water, was stealing her property, and otherwise engaging in criminal activities. Rayelan had begun making these charges in July, 2011. 
Long after I arrived in Ohio I found the certificate made by the Lee – Powers Family behind a piece of furniture. I asked Rayelan about it but she just shrugged. 
Certificate of Appreciation to All the Members of Our Special Family. The certificate is signed, the Smith-Lee Family, combining Rayelan's last name with the Lee – Powers Family. It is dated, July, 2011. 

It would take an exceptional degree of duplicity to produce such a certificate when it so strongly contradicts what is going on where you live.  No use was made of this by the Powers - Lee Family to persuade anyone Rayelan was lying.  It had clearly been overlooked or discarded.  

People who take advantage of others are generally consistent in their behavior.  Rayelan claimed to have been kind, forbearing, and generous to the Powers - Lee Family.  Was this true?   

It was the Lee – Powers Family who moved Rayelan to Ohio.

Three adult of the members of this family, Leigh Powers, Amanda Lee, Scott Beckelheimer, and Amanda's baby, were in California packing up Rayelan's home and putting her possessions into the pods purchased by Rumor Mill News Readers in July 2010. 
While RMN Readers also purchased an RV for the trip, and to be used as temporary living quarters, packing continued. These boxes went into the pods, along with furniture. 
Many of these boxes remained unpacked when I arrived over a year later. It was clear no one had gone through the possessions to winnow or even clear out junk, which most of us would do before having even paid movers in to load the boxes. 
Despite her assurances to RMN Readers, Rayelan was not able to find a house she could purchase in Ashtabula. Until October Rayelan lived in the RV on the land which was supposedly purchased by RMN Readers some years before. Angel was living in a shed on the property. 
Moving Rayelan to Ohio was an enormous gift of time and energy from the Powers – Lee Family and from RMN Readers. If someone did that for one of us, trapped in the circumstances claimed by Rayelan, we would be grateful FOREVER. 

I saw no evidence Rayelan felt gratitude.  Every mention of the Powers - Lee Family was negative with the exception of Jade, a small child.  Rayelan claimed the Powers - Lee Family refused to allow her to have contact with Jade, starting from the time they all lived together. 

These are the same people who characterized their relationship with Rayelan as being one family, the Smith - Lees, in the Certificate of Appreciation above. 

This is consistent with the help they offered Rayelan.  They were treating her like family. 
At the same time they were making that certificate Rayelan was vilifying them to me. Six months later Rayelan asked me to write a complaint for the police, naming them as thieves who she suspected were trying to kill her. 

 From:  Amanda Lee Letters

"From: Amanda lee <> 
To: Raye Smith <> (email no longer active) 
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:07 PM 

I love how you say we are the heartless, and we are the uncaring and ungreatful. 

I just want you to know that my child has no clean clothes because we have no money to wash them. 
That she cries out the window every time she sees you and the dogs, and doesn't understand why she cant go see them, or why you dont talk to her. 

So, thank you. So very fucking much. For everything we DIDN'T ask for, that pushed you to the point where me and my child are even more fucked than I was before I knew you."
From: Amanda lee <>To: Raye Smith <> (email no longer active)Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 12:07 PMSubject:

I love how you say we are the heartless, and we are the uncaring and ungreatful. 

I just want you to know that my child has no clean clothes because we have no money to wash them. 
That she cries out the window every time she sees you and the dogs, and doesn't understand why she cant go see them, or why you dont talk to her. 

So, thank you. So very fucking much. For everything we DIDN'T ask for, that pushed you to the point where me and my child are even more fucked than I was before I knew you.  - See more at:
Someone was clearly lying and this appears to be Rayelan.
Although Rayelan admitted the Leigh, Amanda, and Scott were with her when she moved she used this to criticize them and question their honesty when relating the actual move to me, always painting the three of them as sitting around while she worked. 

The Saga of the Move, traced through the begging letters Rayelan posted on Rumor Mill News, on July 6, 2010.  Looking back at what happened and what was being said is always instructive.  In these posts we have a multitude of statements from Rayelan, though not from the Powers - Lee Family, who had no face or voice there.   


Message to my Friends From Paypal and my Post Office Box

If I have no money to pay the bills that are due on the 9th... that means I have no money to have moving pods delivered and transported to Ohio. (We checked... it's cheaper to do pods that to rent a U-Haul and buy the gas. That's why we are doing it this way... with the pods.)

I have no money to transport myself and my Ohio work crew back to Ohio. There are 4 of us and three dogs and a baby.”

Rayelan's message contains as an underscore a cheery assurance that RMN Readers will, again, bail her out of difficulties many of us have faced, namely, moving. Her expectations are not disappointed.

Why doesn't she mention who "her work crew" are, and introduce them to RMN Readers? This is a curious omission since they are unpaid and have been her friends for years.  

Most of us have to pay for assistance when we move. Three adults came to Rayelan's assistance unpaid, two of them from Ohio. Leigh Powers had been living with Rayelan for some time, at Rayelan's invitation. 

By her own admission, and other evidence, Rayelan usually has people living with her but claims this is evidence she is being taken advantage of.    

Over the next months Leigh, Amanda, and Scott pack up Rayelan's house and drive her, her dogs, and possessions, to Ohio.  Once there, they continue to help her in every way possible. This is the kind of help you can usually rely on only from your family.  

Part Two holds an interesting insight into the long term relationship between Rayelan and the Powers – Lee Family in regards to the Family Campground, to which RMN Readers contributed. 

When I asked Rayelan what became of the money contributed by RMN Readers she told me she gave it in cash to Angel and Scott, Angel's brother and they misspent it, which is why nothing happened.  She cited them as responsible for every problem encountered but never accepted responsibility for trusting them, if this was the case.  

The Campground.

Have any of you asked Rayelan about the Family Campground, property which was supposedly purchased years ago? Where did the money raised actually go? Who benefited?  Anyone who donated deserves to receive a full accounting of what happened.  

The property is at:  3426 Knowlton Road, Rock Creek, Ohio.  Angel was living there for some time in a building which, evidently, was so run down as to have no value, according to the clerk in the Auditor's office. 

It has never been transferred to Rayelan or anyone else according to the Auditor's Office.

We still do not know what happened to the money contributed by RMN Readers.


Part Three – The Saga of the Move to Ohio continues, as does the panhandling online.

A posting from Rayelan includes this quote from:

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 8-Jul-2010 01:58:31

“ tired maybe I am seeing things darker than they really are... but here's the facts: I know I can't qualify for a loan to buy a house. I am trying to find a cheap RV that will make it back to the land we own in Ohio.
I can live in it until I save up enough money to lease to own or just rent a house that will accept my three dogs... or build some Katrina cottages of dome homes on the land we already own in Ohio.”

Again, what happened to the land? Where did the money go?

For quite a while the issue of the Campground was not raised. Then, it again was mentioned two days ago. 
This quote from a posting appeared on RMN on August 27, 2014. It is signed 'GreyOtter” but those who pay attention to the postings of Jeff Gordon, AKA Hobie, Zapper, say it is him using another pseudonym. I have no opinion.
Consider carefully what you do.
....and those readers who think they have the right
to "DEMAND" rumor mill provide a complete "balance sheet",
try that with the "Washington Post" or "New York Times".
These are my own personal thoughts.
GreyOtter “

While I did not record my conversations with Rayelan I can state she told me many times the money was given in cash to Angel and her brother Scott, who also took possession of the land. She claimed to have no receipts for any of the transactions.

This concerned me when she told me about it because it is essential, in business, to keep receipts. 
I have seen no evidence the assertion about the money being handed over to Angel and Scott is true. However, Angel and Scott should be asked to make statements, under penalty of perjury, as should Rayelan.  

An accounting should be provided to those who contributed the money. 

Rayelan has made serious charges against Angel and Scott and they, and we, need the truth.  
Police Report  

Here is a draft for the Police Reports which I wrote for Rayelan, at her request.

March 5, 2012 - A Criminal Complaint lodged against the Powers Family

Rayelan left the house with the printed copies, which she had signed, saying she was going to file them. I can not be sure she did – but you can check by contacting the Ashtabula Police Department
When Rayelan demanded the Powers – Lee Family move out Amanda, who had helped Rayelan move, expressed her feelings in these letters.

Amanda's shock, anger, and hurt come through clearly.

By the way, The Washington Post and New York Times don't ask their readers for money except for their subscriptions, which is normal.

When people get huffy and defensive about providing proof you really need to make sure you persist in demanding it.

The Original Question

Our original question was about, “claims made that the Powers - Lee Family were poisoning her, stealing from her, and were generally lazy, slothful, and never kept their promises, “ by Rayelan.
  • The Powers – Lee Family helped Rayelan move to Ohio
  • They considered themselves to be in a familial relationship with Rayelan of long standing.
  • They were shocked and hurt when she kicked them out so she could have the rooms for me at the end of 2011. 
  • There is no evidence Rayelan was telling the truth about them except her own unsubstantiated report.  

Other Points to Consider: 
Why didn't Rayelan not plan out her move in advance? She knew for months this was necessary. Instead, she waited, extracting funds from RMN Readers with a 'Poor Me' strategy.

Is Rayelan trustworthy? 
Is Rayelan competent to even run Rumor Mill News? 
How would you feel if you were one of the Powers – Lee Family? 
Would you want a friend like Rayelan in your life?

By examining the evidence we can find answers.  


  1. Rayelan's big selling point in moving to Ohio, please contribute generously, was that she would no longer have to pan handle $3000+ per month from her gullible readers. She lied, what a surprise. I am happy to learn that much of her ill gotten gains are in the form of junk stored in an ever increasing storage locations. Karma, may it return to her in like form ten fold.

    1. Having a lower cost of living left more money for shopping and so the need for the storage places.

      But if you track her online panhandling it is hard to find anything which is true. I paid absolutely no attention to RMN except to post there sometimes until it was right in front of my eye and I could not avoid it.

      But when the OITC told DRS RMN was on a CIA server she seemed more nervous than surprised, when I looked back on it.

      After I realized DRS was likely an operative I was totally flummoxed. I just finished writing an article on what it is like when you know something they do not want to become public. I just sent it to some sites who will be publishing it. Tomorrow it will be up other places as well. The title is, Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The unexpected connection. Lots of links to documents and such.

  2. Can you please tell me what the acronym OITC stands for?