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From: Psychic Vampires by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

Searching for Explanations - 

By observing RA's behavior and researching possible explanations for her actions eventually the possibility she might be a psychic vampire surfaced.  This took place only after many months, as my health deteriorated and I inexplicably gained weight in a pattern entirely unlike any I had experienced in the past.

Gaining ten dress sizes, from size 8 - 10 t0 a 20, indicates an extreme health issue, especially since I had continued to do yoga daily and walk.  Nothing about my eating habits changed.

At the end of the fourth month of residence with RA in Ohio I was in so much pain I could not carry a purse on my shoulder.Raising my arms over my head was excruciating.

I considered every possibility, struggling with my condition, which continued to deteriorate.

RA expressed no concern a bout either my weight gain or the obvious pain and exhaustion I was experiencing.  I should have found this strange at the time, but I was raised never to complain. 

But over the next long and hideous year I kept remembering what she had said to me   when I arrived, "You're not going to live very long," The comment, which initially I had dismissed with a laugh, began to trouble and haunt me, returning to mind over and over again as I continued to reject it as revealing any ill-intent on RA's part. 

After a year of slow and terrifying deterioration, I found a regimen for detoxification which began, slowly, to work.  What followed was an agonizing struggle, as if I was dragging myself back from the edge of the grave.

I could feel what seemed to be a layer of deep toxicity beneath my skin, encircling my entire torso and thighs, which had, previously been slender and toned.  This toxic layer began to dissipate as I carried out a rigid regimen of deep yoga stretches, pilates, and Gi Gong.  I started losing weight as I continued looking for answers.

I was beginning to eliminate toxicity, but the toxic influence was still present.  I could feel it invading my body through points on my meridians at odd hours every day.    

I considered toxic waste, my own medical history, and around 23 other possible explanations, applying therapies and eliminating the intake of various foods, supplements and other possible sources by my body.  Over these months I tried every kind of detoxification protocol and researched the possible source of any toxic substances, or energies, into my body.  

About this time, I made contact with a woman who provides meditative armor for victims of energy vampires.  As soon as I began this regimen the de-toxification increased.  This includes spraying dissolved sea salt on my skin, burning sage, and other suggestions which struck me as entirely irrational.  But they worked.

These were the first awareness I was  being sucked dry by a psychic vampire, who had no concern for my survival.  It took me months into the now clearly successful recovery process, to accept the real possibility someone who had described herself as my sister and friend would have, intentionally, and callously, targeted me first to be used as a resource, emptied of options, and then killed off. 

But since the cure worked I was forced to honestly confront this as the solution. 

The research undertaken extended to RA. 

Energy Vampires have, today, self identified themselves in an attempt to find acceptance.  Atlanta Vampire Alliance.

I began to consider the possibility RA is an energy vampire who is also highly psychopathic and therefore capable of acting without conscience.   

As I began to consider RA's past relations with others, the pieces started falling into place.  On this site you will find evidence of RA's behavior toward the Lee Family and others which appears to confirm this theory.  Her behavior is characterized by deceit and manipulation, slander and callous unemotional (CU) behaviors. 

RA could be the individual described on the entry below from the Slate book, beginning on page 49. 

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance proved to be very useful.  Individuals who self-identify as energy vampires there report emotionally based concerns with stealing the energy of others and report engaging in long discussions and serious consideration of the ethics of their behavior.  

The subject has done mainstream in recent years with segments appearing on 20/20, which on November 27,  2009  aired, "Coming Out of the Coffin: Vampires Among Us," and this article By and JOAN MARTELLI. 

Kiera considers herself a "psychic" vampire. Other vampires known as "sanguinarians" or "blood-drinkers" claim to feed on the blood of consenting donors. Kiera said she has tried this before." 

The comments made at the end of the article indicate the subject is still far from mainstream acceptance and all those interviewed were declared vampires who the reader could assume were in some part enjoying a role assumed for reasons of mental illness or a desire for notoriety.   

For obvious reasons, many victims might be unable to provide their own insights, though support sites for these are growing more numerous on the internet.  Slater's book is making headway into the hands of people who most often do not discuss the subject of energy vampires openly.  

Ibrahim "Abe" Stocar, a bookkeeper, wrote this article, "Victim No More: Surviving a Psychic Vampire Attack," having encountering energy vampirism at work.

As more people with direct experience speak out, more will be aware and able to protect themselves from those most destructive of these individuals, those whose vampirism coincides with being psychopathic. 

The book is coming and will provide insights into the mind set of psychopaths, vampires, and demons who before  ordinary empathic humanity, could not identify.

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