Sunday, July 13, 2014

Site Policy on Comments

Site Policy on Comments

This site is set to allow comments by those who do not identify themselves, using 'Anonymous,' so as to avoid having their real persona revealed. We do this to enable everyone to participate in dialog, if the comments are not repetitive, dogmatic, and provide further information which can be objectively checked.

All comments are moderated, however.

Using anonymity demands a higher standard of behavior than do comments which allow the facts about the individual to be checked. Who you are matters, just like in any community.

Bald assertions as to facts not in evidence are not proof. Anyone can claim to be, or not to be, anyone when they are posting anonymously. An anonymous commenter could claim to be Henry Kissinger,  Barack Obama, or Monica Lewinsky. If it is funny enough we may allow it to be published

However, making assertions multiple times without proof will result in comments not being published and speculations, humorous and otherwise, about the motives of the person posting are to be expected.  

Productive dialogs include a sharing of information which can be checked.  Unwillingness to provide, or read, documentation or an assertion of a right to know more without having shared verifiable facts or their identity, will result in comments not being posted.

Commenters can question any assertion made but must be prepared to provide verifiable proof of their own assertions to receive any response.

If facts published on this  site are proven to be incorrect information this will be noted and the facts corrected.

A long observed practice of disinformation agents is to ask questions, demanding information as a right, without providing anything productive to the dialog. This 'Trolling' kills productive communications and and is not tolerated. Any such comments will not be published.

It is well known among activists that operatives and agents use these techniques to insert falsehoods into dialogs and to harass those using a site. Made up identities are also used routinely and suspect identities will be checked. If it appears the persona is faked, the comment will not be published.

The Internet needs transparency. We aim to have it.


  1. A fresh batch of new lies, seems to cover the entire spectrum. I thought she moved? I'm sure you are just as happy as I am to hear that all her health problems have been cured with two magic silver pendants.

    Anyway, hoping you get back to the DRS saga soon.;read=314055

  2. A fresh batch of new lies, seems to cover the entire spectrum. I thought she moved? I'm sure you are just as happy as I am to hear that all her health problems have been cured with two magic silver pendants.

    Anyway, hoping you get back to the DRS saga soon.;read=314055

  3. Hi Anonymous, I'm sure I will. But I have been busy writing in my continued battle against the NWO, so had to take a short hiatus. Also doing some deeper digging on some of the weird things I'm finding.

    Check out

    (This is on the Kochs and other Greedville Types, a continuing series)

    (This four part article will get into the kind of real people at every level who have made the destruction of our economy, country, and lives, possible.)

  4. She said she was moving. She hired movers but only lots of boxes seemed to change location, and this in the back of her Jeep. They were working for weeks, however. Must have cost a LOT.

  5. Thanks Melinda for revealing the truth.

    I have been reading RMN for many years, despite that I dislike many posts there that are obvious disinfo (propagated under the excuse of freedom of speech, and the rumor-mill character of the site). I did this because I have still found useful posts and links there worth reading, and because I deemed it still better than the mainstream media.

    However, lately the quality of the content is deteriorating and the forced adverts on the site and the panhandling is becoming more and more repelling.

    My question is: Can you advice any decent and truthful alternative news site that I could read instead of RMN?

    Thanks for advice.


  6. Don't limit yourself to one site. For breaking events well founded with a science background use

    They do only political issues which are deemed critical. Use for politics with a patriot bent. And, that is one of mine, has information from those occasionally but also selections from elsewhere.

    Give me more info on what you are looking for and I'll see what else I follow.

    Be well and keep in touch. Blessings, Melinda

    1. Thanks for the links I will check them out.

      As for what I am looking for... basically anything that seriously impacts our lives, more specifically anything that can improve our lives. For example I rarely search the net for health solutions, because I am healthy and did not visit a doctor looking for help since decades. However, when health related posts popped up at RMN I usually checked them out whether they are worth saving. Most of those articles are of not much use (like healing cancer with sodium bicarbonate etc.), but sometimes real gems can pop up. One of those gems were the referring to the research of Dr. Weston Price. The countless hours of wading through the junk at RMN was paid back by reading this research in detail, but there were some more valuable information I have gained from the links of RMN without really researching the related subject.

      What are people expecting from a general news site? First and foremost TRUTH. If we can not guarantee that the article is describing the truth, then an appropriate WARNING at the top of the article should give an estimate about the truth content.

      Second, there are many subjects that have serious impact on our lives, and it is natural that people are interested to know about these things. Subjects like natural health solutions, poisons that are forced upon us, wars, natural disasters, freedom, self sufficiency, handy know hows, money issues, mechanics of Illuminati rule, alternative energy solutions, etc. Since these subjects of interests are many, it is almost impossible the keep track of them all by researching each subject separately on a daily basis. It would take an impossibly long time of regular research to be well informed about the news in all these subjects of interest.

      This is why people are looking for sites and forums where many people are doing this daily search and posting links to articles of interest they find. RMN is one such site, this is why I was reading it. But I have never believed it to be an uncensored site, honestly dedicated to the truth, and especially did not believe that it would cost so much money to keep a link collection online. The panhandling for $3000 is a disgrace when the advertising income supposed to well cover the hosting expenses.

      There is no need for such elaborate and bulky website. All is needed is volunteers (agents) who search the internet every day for articles in their field of interest and post what they find worthy reading and deem to be truthful. Everybody does not need to search all subjects, just one or two. Many people interested in different subjects can compose the complete profile of news that people may be interested to read about.

      This is not that costly and complicated to accomplish as one may think. All is needed is a forum software that allows posting links and perhaps few words of comments. That's it. This can be accomplished using free software and even free hosting while there are not too many readers. If the traffic is too much for a free service, then a paid hosting may be used, which may be financed either by donations or by adverts, but certainly not both.

      One may also use several freely hosted forums which could be made copies of each other and people may visit any of them knowing they are the same. Thus the traffic can be kept at a modest level at each forum to keep it free, by splitting the total global traffic to several free sites. This way the existence of the sharing service will not depend on finances.

      The best solution would be to put up an Open Project at to create a free software best suited for this link sharing service. The main aims of the project should contain the free and decentralized nature of the hosting, so that it should be immune to the attacks and control of BigBrother. If one looks deeply, there might be already such a solution available...

  7. At this point I hit about ten sites to get the range of information I want - and I still have to go looking for other sources when doing research.

    I looked at the site and signed up. Are you interested in putting up a site which includes relevant content from writers and activists? There are lots of sources for great content. Andrew Kreig of and David Chandler of are two. Energy and other technologies should also be included. I have a friend who used to be with the Stanford Institute for Physics who reviews projects for me.

    Such a site should also review books on edge subjects and include forums for discussion.

    Think about it.

    Cheers, Melinda

  8. The original intent with my first comment was only to find an alternative replacement for RMN that already exists and I don't know about it. But it seems there are no such replacements.

    If you want to create one, that is a noble task, but it will take a lot of work, time, and perseverance (if you want to make it incorruptible). My field of interest is not in journalism, therefore I don't plan to put up an alternative news website. But I am willing to help with advices and comments if you are interested. To discuss details please post your TorChat ID here and I will contact you. The end of my ID will look like ...bv6bd (to make sure someone else does not impersonate me...)

    1. I set up a free account. I use team viewer of skype when I share a screen.