Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is Raye living with Jeff? With her sister in Crows Landing? Or has she moved in with Craig?

During my round of Christmas calls over the last few days I found out what I had long suspected, that Rayelan (Turd Face) Allan Smith had, indeed, been acting in conspiracy with Craig Franklin, the Duke and Doxie of Manchester and Morgan Gell, the nasty little psychopath who, for the betterment of the world, should have been aborted before she had the opportunity to cause so much harm to good and honorable people I love.

 From another source I found out contacts had been made from both Morgan and Laura to solicit their assistance in continuing to destroy me emotionally and financially and render me, and my disabled son, homeless. Yes, Laura and Morgan were being paid for their services. 

Also, the person posting there is Laura, not Morgan.  Since the level of abuse done to the English language and content have not changed it was impossible to be sure before. 

Morgan had attempted to bring about the death of her brother, Arthur, for money. She was paid $10,000 to persuade me to cut off his life support in 1998 after he had shot himself in the brain due to the emotional trauma he had suffered at the hands of his adopted father, Craig Franklin.

This left me far more vulnerable because I became the sole caretaker for my son, who was not far more disabled. At the same time the conspirators continued to conspire to deny me the resources to ensure Arthur and my other son received needed therapy and rehabilitation. This was intentional, ways used to pile on stress which they were confident would eventually kill me.

The payments for all of these acts were coming from Craig, provided by Dan O'Dowd of Green Hills Software, Inc. Not that it matters. Since in each instance the goal was to cause me grave bodily harm or death this is a felony for which all the co-conspirators are individuals liable to the same degree.

Additionally, the co-conspirators, especially Dan and Green Hills Software, Inc., covered for the series of sex crimes committed by Franklin. These included taking women into his office to rape them during working hours, enticing them into relationships and economic dependency and then raping them, cutting them off, and leaving them homeless. Some of these women had children and these acts could have caused death or grave bodily harm. Certainly they did cause hideous damage to the lives of the victimized women and children.

All of the co-conspirators relied on the fact I have a bad heart and enough stress would kill me. The incidents of having my brake lines cut and other attempts to kill me are conspiracy to commit murder for financial gain.

Green Hills Software apparently attempted to distance themselves from Craig by enticing him to start his own business, FireFly, for which they paid for a year or so. Then, they allowed the company to fail – though this could have also been intentional through an employee who immediately was hired by Green Hills. At no time did they attempt to either inform me or provide protection to me from their co-conspirator, who continued his malicious and felonious actions unabated.

Craig tried to move in with the group who were producing his songs, Broken Records. They made him leave after one night of sofa surfing. My source via email, Debbie, said she was told his personal hygiene habits were horrific and unspeakable. I already knew that. While we were married Craig routinely left streaks of feces in the bed, lumps on the furniture, and piles in the bathtub.

A source in the software industry said Craig is now in Santa Cruz working on a contractor basis for start ups there. This is likely to evade garnishments from the IRS and California State Franchise Board. But he still has his trust fund, which pays him $40,000 a year on a quarterly basis. He is probably living with Priscilla, his sister, and she is making sure she is paid by demanding payment for the quarter as soon as the check is issued.

Green Hills remains entirely liable for their actions – and Craig's, along with the growing list of their fellow conspirators.

Now I suppose I should add Jeff Gordon to the growing list of co-conspirators.

So where is the Wicked Witch of Crows Landing/Ashtabula/Santa Cruz? I really, really want to know. Perhaps Craig came into enough money to allow her to return to her previous haunts.

I was, effectively kidnapped, defrauded, maligned, libeled during the ongoing attempt to kill me or leave me homeless along with my son.

There will be a reckoning, rest assured.


  1. How dare you call RumorSwill's very own Barbara Eden 'I Dream of Genie" look alike Turd Face? Grifter Raye is a beautiful well preserved woman, she said so herself.

    1. Hummmmmm......a Dream of Genie graphic. Let me think about that. What should Jeff Gordon of Atlanta become?

    2. You will never find a costume that big. For obvious reasons they don't come in Grifter Raye's size unless Jim whips one up on his sewing machine and my eyes hurt just thinking about it.

    3. Thankfully, all I need is a graphic. It is an icky thought.