Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thanks, Agent 86, for this update on events at Conspitacy Central - Rayelan Style!

Now let's see.......In 2012 we learned from OITC's Security Specialist, who explored the issue at Raye's request, that RMN was hosted on a CIA server farm, for which, presumably, they paid nothing since she is a CIA Operative providing disinformation services.  

Did Raye ever respond or comment when OITC stopped talking to her soon afterward?  Nope.   

Has either Raye or Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zapper, these last three being the same person, ever denied that for years they paid nothing for their server?  Nope.  Do you, or does any other rational person think the CIA charges its operatives for such services or provides these commercially?  Nope.  

I certainly remember how flustered Raye was when the Specialist came back - during that conference call with the information and Raye claimed Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zapper must have deceived her.  He was clearly shocked and Raye gave all the appearances of being shocked and flustered at the answer. 

At that point Raye was maintaining the pretense the CIA was out to 'get' RMN.  OITC, always viewed as good guys fighting for freedom. (Raye had trumpeted having David Sale, then fighting to have OITC achieve Victory with special announcements, on her radio show).  

Does Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zapper still appear to be a trusted confederate at RMN?  Duhhh, of course he is!  We have even learned he lives in Druid Hills, address withheld, in Atlanta, Georgia and seems to run lots of scams other than RMN, for instance shilling for the Dinar Promoters.  

When I first arrived in Ohio the whole focus for Raye was being whisked off to some exciting OITC destination to handle their entire world-wide media operation.  I still do not know what happened entirely - but I do know they wanted nothing to do with Raye - RMN-Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zapper.  Raye did not want to talk about it anymore and just got sick when the subject was broached. 

The OITC, David Sale, and the Specialist clearly thought the CIA was a very, very bad player.  I agree with that, even more so when now have been widely acknowledged as having orchestrated the assassination of JFK, RFK and Mary Pinchot Meyer.  See Mary's Mosaic, written by Peter Janney.  The book won, in 2102

Winner – 2012 Hollywood Book Festival for General Non-Fiction.
Honorable Mention – 2012 N.E. Book Festival for General Non-Fiction.
Honorable Mention – 2012 London Book Festival for General Non-Fiction.

And don't forget to check out a real Whistle Blower of this and other subjects, The Justice Integrity Project, run by Andrew Kreig, a respected journalist.  

We could consider the possibility that Raye and Company were summarily fired by the CIA for unconscionable stupidity in being outed at some point, or dumped because they had become an embarrassment to those folks, that is certainly possible.  

And has anyone from RMN ever shared the identity of who hosts the RMN  site now, if such hosting has changed?  Have the denizens of RMN provided a bill with any identifiers so we could check the amount charged with the services used by RMN.  Another big NO.  

Now, who would like to know if RMN even has any monthly bills or if it is hosted on someplace which  is either free or of minimal cost?  And where has all that money gone?  Gone to thrift shopping, everyone!  When will they ever learn?  When will they ever....learn.

If you would like answers, raise your hand - or speak loudly by keeping your funds as private as RMN does its 'business.'

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  1. Hobie has commented several times that AT&T has them blacklisted, what are a few more blacklists, as long as they can still scam the reader's money it's all good.

    1. You are right, sskids, what are a few more black lists to THEM. And they can always tell the credulous that it is just that nasty old conspiracy and has nothing to do with them being scammers.