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Exxon – What They Are Still Hiding - and it is not the Queen of Cons

Since it has been a while since Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper and, the Denizen of Denny's Rayelan, have showed themselves I'm going to give you something different to read. 

The question is in the title, sans the mention of Queenie.  Of course, we don't know for sure that the Duchess of Destruction never worked for Exxon, so who knows? 

We do know disaster is poised for the Torrance Refinery, which within hours will be reactivated.  Exxon really wanted this to happen on Mother's Day because they were annoyed with the two mothers who got in their way previously by demanding they stop poisoning their children.  The nerve of them!  

From incorporated psychopaths to the single operator types, we keep you informed.

From:  ACP Vision & Action  


Written for EcoAlert

By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and David Lincoln

About the article

We have been investigating the connection between Exxon’s Climate change denial and their policies towards refinery maintenance and operations policy. In particular, we are interested in how decisions at the highest levels of the major oil companies have impacted the rate of accidents and other major refinery incidents.

Today we sent information to the Attorneys General in each state with evidence of further wrong doing by Exxon. You need to know about this, too.

While we all know Exxon is being charged civilly for withholding information on Climate Change, the company was at the same time carrying out a campaign of climate change denial. This distracted our attention from an ongoing shell game involving the refinery industry. 

Research done by our organization, EcoAlert, revealed further acts by Exxon, and other oil companies, which resulted in the deaths of plant employees because the companies failed to maintain their equipment or provide adequate training and oversight. Further implications of refinery sales, fires and shutdowns are enormous. 

While we were still doing the research we realized the strategy Exxon followed was really very simple, so simple a child could easily 'get' it. We began calling this Greedville – The Oil Game. We refer to the game in the article and use some graphics. We may actually produce the game, as it worked well explaining these events to our associates.

Here is what we found out. 
What Exxon is Still Hiding 

At about the time Exxon defunded their studies on climate change, decisions were being made and a strategy agreed on to cut costs on refinery operations. Exxon began its campaign of Climate Change Denial to distract you. Now, for the real story.

The very small group of individuals who run ExxonMobil are highly motivated and extraordinarily well compensated for the work they do. Each of these individuals, vice-presidents up, expected to leave the company at least as a multi-millionaire. The last ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, received a compensation package of about $400,000,000 when he retired in 2006. Raymond came onboard Exxon while these events were playing out.

Their present CEO, Rex Tillerson, made a little over $40,000,000 last year and is expected to retire with a very nice golden parachute soon.

These men had ambitions, dreams, and in 1985 they were firmly invested in a sense of entitlement for what they were then earning and for their future compensation.

This is the real governing body, the club, the people who can be trusted with the facts and would actively carry out the decisions made.

If the public had known the damage oil was already doing, and the potential for more, steps would have been taken to get us off oil far sooner, cutting off the millions to be paid to the individuals making these decisions. Of course, many vice-presidents also sit on the Board of Directors of other companies.

Exxon did not tell their stockholders, lower level employees - or us, about their plans.

Exxon's management must have been shocked when they realized what was causing climate change. It may even have been shattering for them. A very vocal faction of the public was becoming ever louder and more active on the issue of oil in the 80s. At the same time, expectations for long term goals were irrevocably altered.

These men did not view themselves as bad guys, quite the contrary. But they were also angry. Those of us around then saw that boiling anger in this bumper sticker. 



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