Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cease and Desist Letter

Cease and Desist Letter

Darlene Rae Smith (AKA) Raye Kooker, Rayelan Allan, Rayelan Russbacher, Raye Smith, and more.
525 Bunker Hill Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Re: Unauthorized Use of Energy

Dear Ms. Smith,

I recently became aware that you are stealing the psychic energy naturally generated by myself and my son, Arthur Edward Foster. Personal energy, the life force which sustains each individual which is generated through their biological form and their spiritual connection to God, cannot legally, ethically, or morally taken without the explicit and informed permission of the individual.

I am the sole owner of my own energy and the caretaker of this source of bodily and emotional health for my son. As the sole owner I hold the exclusive right to grant others permission to use my energy and that of my son. I have not authorized you, or any of your minions or familiars to use or take these forenamed energies in any way, explicit or implied.

Accordingly, neither you, Rumor Mill News, or your familiar James Heath or others so named by you, have a lawful right to redirect these energies to your own benefit or the benefit of others for any consideration what so ever, despite having done so for a considerable period of time, to the detriment of our health and well being.

I demand that you immediately:

Stop this unauthorized theft of the energies named above, which was never authorized or part of any legitimate negotiation.

Notify all persons affiliated with yourself, Rumor Mill News, or other covert associations existing to your benefit in which you hold an interest, that this use will cease.

Provide written assurances to me that you have complied with these directives and will not in the future access, steal, purloin, or otherwise interfere with these energies, which are controlled by myself and my son.

This notice does not imply that action for damage done to myself or my son will not be pursued in the appropriate venues to your actions and against all who were joined with you in the pursuance of your chosen course of action.

Submit this information and your written assurances to me no later than today, May 3, 2014, so I do not have to consider further action to enforce compliance.

A copy of this letter will be posted as proof you were served proper notice on this date, May 3, 2014.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Founder, Legends of the Fall

CC: Dara Leigh Bloom, Esq.

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