Monday, January 18, 2016

A New Reality Show - You;'re Gonna Love It! - My Favorite Psychopath

And Agent 86 commented, "I am wondering if our favorite psychopath even bothered reaching out to her partner in crime during his recent slip and fall crisis.     I am thinking that she did not.   The site has not been updated for the month of January and she has not reached her monthly steal of $3000 for December despite one person donating $500 and another person donating something like $450.

It seems Hobie's priorities may have changed given that Griifter Rayelan cares about nobody but herself.   Look at Hobie's recent posts, none of them are about the monthly steal.    If Rayelan is monitoring your site, expect a beg raiser tout de suite."

Stay Tuned and ready to cast your vote!

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  1. People with money to burn, scamming Raye's favorite kind. Stuck at $2625, please don't waste any more of your money folks

    Christopher Schneider gave $440
    Happy New Year, Love and Light, God Bless
    Like Comment Contribute Share 1 week ago

    Anonymous gave $180
    Sending Light and Love!!!

    Like Comment Contribute Share 2 weeks ago

    G gave $500
    as promised in my email to hobie
    Like Comment Contribute Share 12 December 2015

    1. I can smell the smoke from here, sskids. Has Hobie - Jeff Gordon said how he is feeling?