Friday, January 29, 2016

Agent 86 says, "Sadly... MORE is Needed. Show us the bills and the canceled checks you greedy grifter"

RMN will never be only a memory - think a nightmare when eyes are cast back in time and remember how many people spent their substance on the lies of a psychopath who was always working for the corporations who wish us dead. 

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Thanks for Raising Over $700.00 -- Sadly... MORE is Needed
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 29-Jan-2016 11:26:28
I used the $700.00 to pay $200.00 for the phone/dsl bill and another $200.00 went to partially pay the $600.00 electric bill. I am going to pay $200.00 to our server next. But RMN owes the server $1600.00 and the electric company wants the rest of its money by the 5th.
The reason that I am in such a bind is there was NO money that came in in January. December received $3,000 and there was nothing over the $3,000 to help with the January bills. January and December were put together on one Fundrazr widget due to hobie's hospitalization.
It's the end of January, which is always the bleakest month of the year. In addition to it being bleak for RMN, it's bleak for me personally (financially). I have to pay the IRS $3,000 and the only way I can raise it is to start selling on ebay. I have tons of things I am willing to part with, but it is going to keep me very busy which means I will be showing up at RMN even less.
I thank hobie and all of the RMN agents for keeping RMN up and running during my forced absence. Without the help of everyone, RMN would not still be standing nearly 20 years later.
On June 6, 1996 the first edition of RMN was put in the mail. I didn't realize until someone pointed it out to me that June 6 was D-Day. On June 6. 2016 (this year) RMnews turns 20. Who would have ever thought that something that was cobbled together out of bits and pieces of insider intel and sent out in emails and newsletters would ever last as long as it has!! I certainly didn't think it would.
As a backup to any money I might earn from RMN, I went to one more year of college and received a teaching credential. I taught for 5 years while doing RMN and then my husband died and my mother had a heart attack. She needed round the clock care. My choices were put her in a home or quit teaching. I chose to keep her in her much loved bedroom surrounded by all the furniture she had grown up with and lived with all her life.
That decision required me to come up with another way of paying for everything since I would no longer be receiving money for teaching. I don't believe I had ever charged for RMN before this. But now that there was no money coming in, I needed to quickly figure out how to pay for RMN. And that's when I started asking readers to contribute. Believe me, if I won the lottery or came into millions from long lost Uncle Bill... then I would again make RMN free to all.
But for now, I still need $3,000 in the fundrazer widget every month. January appears to have been skipped completely for money. We have raised $700 plus for February, but I still have bills from January which have to come out of the February widget.
I pray there are some readers who have not been hit as hard as the rest of us in January. Here's the February widget. Remember, $700 plus still needs to come out of the February fundrazr to pay the $400.00 January server bill and the rest of the electric bill.
I still owe the server $1600.00 and I owe the electric company $3,000.00. I thank both companies for working with me to see that the server stays turned on as well as the electricity.
Thank you so much for your support. Without you, RMN will only be a memory!!


  1. Un-effing-believable

    pauline carrier gave $50
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    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks, sskids! Hobie - Jeff gave money? Absurd. They are really stretching it. And what is their excuse for insisting on concealment? Are the Scamsters in Chief, RayTox and Jeff, still claiming that the NWO is after them? It is not usual to hit your own employees, even when they are failing to deliver, as RayTox and Jeff-Hobie clearly are. More likely they would just be written off and lose their free server hosting from the CIA. Is RMN still on the CIA server, as revealed by the security specialist for OITC? If you are paying you have a right to know. Continue to insist on bills with no redactions.

  2. NEW:
    I Need $600.00 to pay the Electric Bill

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 4-Feb-2016 11:19:23

    If the Fundrazer Widget could be filled completely I could pay the electric bill... most of which stems from the winter months last year while the painter and his girlfriend were painting and repairing the house. I was still stuck in my old house in Ashtabula while I waited for the court date to evict my "house guest" who came for 5 months and stayed for 3 years... never once paying for any household bills or rent.

    During the last months she was there, she ran the electric bill up to over $600.00 each month. I am reminded of this because I need $600.00 to pay the electric bill at the new house... but the $600.00 I need pays the back bill of $2,000. I never even knew I owed $2,000. I never got a bill. I assumed the owner of the house was still paying the bill while the painting and repairs were being done to her house.

    Actually, the electric company has charged interest and now I owe them $3,000 which I am paying off at $434 each month. The rest of the current bill is this month's actual electric bill.

    If I don't pay this bill by the 8th, my electricity will be shut off and there will be no possibility of having it turned back on without paying the entire bill. I learned this from a county self help advisor for people in my situation.

    The $600.00 will keep the lights and computer on for the RMNews office and since it is in my home, this will keep the lights and heat on for me.

    Last night I wrote a longer explanation of exactly why I'm in the shape I am in financially... but my computer hiccuped and I lost the entire text of my post. My computer was badly damaged the last time the electricity was shut off. I have to take it to Cleveland to the only Apple repair site in Northern Ohio. I am certain that it will cost almost as much as it cost new to repair it.

    Thank God a friend bought me a new Toshiba so that I can put the Apple Mac in the shop to be repaired.

    If you can help fill up the Fundrazr widget so I can keep my lights and heat on I will appreciate it so much.

    Thank you!!


  3. The amounts requested seem to hold to a pattern. 600, 1600, and 3000. Doesnt seem to matter what the bills actually are, those are the same numbers always used. And dont forget last weeks diatribe squealing for first 1600, then 3000 to pay for the server. Also, another 3000 to pay the IRS. Pay her taxes for the $ she scams. The power bill has been 3000 now for how long? Especially sick is how she still tries to stick in blame on you for her power bill getting to 3000 in the first place, even though she at the same time offers the "other explanation" for that.

    Cant we do more to shut her up and expose her lies?

    1. Stay tuned. That is about to happen. Karma will be striking.

  4. And there is no way she is going to pay that power bill (if she even really does owe that much) because it provides a wonderful "in" for another 3000. And another. And another. And another