Thursday, June 16, 2016

Send Rayelan yourIraqi Dinars! They are not about to be revalued!

Agnt 86 says, and all of us nod knowingly, "Hobie does the MATH! If our scam was running normal ($100.00 per day for our fake expenses :), we'd see $1500 in the widget today, the 15th day of the month, and I wouldn't be posting this reminder. :)"

We all know that although they beg, plead, and threaten (especially threaten) RMN mostly features reposted ( stolen) articles from OP (Other People) who are oblivious to Rayelan's 'business plan.'   The ongoing drama of Her Life, which must, according to her, be the most significant and exciting ever lived on the fact of the Earth of any of the other places in the Universe where she has lived, is just the spice to keep you tuned to her ongoing soap opera of trauma, tribulations, and talking about herself.  Of course, you have not heard much lately, for some reason.  

Raye once told me the fellow who lived next door to her while she was still inhabiting that McMansion in Watsonville lost his home and she generously allowed him to come live with her.  This story came out early on, while I still trusted her.  But it bothered me because the guy suddenly, without seeming reason, became incensed and left after threatening her, she said.  

He probably realized he was being drained of money and energy, that being the normal SOP for an Energy Vampire-Demon like Raye. It would be fascinating to interview him, don't you think?  Let's see if he can be found.  

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  1. Interviewing her most recent room mate Jim? would also be interesting. So would her siblings that want nothing to do with her. Can't ask her ex husbands, they all died.

  2. Hi sskids! Jim was alive and kicking yesterday, according to a mutual acquaintance. One never knows, does one? Husbands are all dead and goodness knows what really happened there. Sibs, well, they have had no compunction about going after me so I guess I can reconsider those possibilities. This is the age of - Truth and Transparency, you know!