Monday, June 27, 2016

sskids brought us this gem.

And I decided to made another comment.

Darlene has some alternatives to the cost and annoyance to maintaining RMN herself. 

One - She can hand it over, along with all of the expenses to someone who is trustworthy and willing to run the site for free.

Two - Darlene can publish her bills and so prove she actually has expenses. 

Three - She can sell the site to someone who will run it transparently.

Four - Or she can turn it into a Sugar Daddy  site for Craig Franklin's exclusive use.  He would certainly fund it and even allow Rayelan to stick around to beg for money.  

I suspect none of these things will happen but no one can say there are not alternatives. 

Anyone want to vote on the best solution? 

Perhaps more math will help:

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

What Rayelan said...

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 27-Jun-2016 16:29:04

Hi, Folks -

Monday morning Rayelan wrote:

There's only $1,000 in the widget. By this time there should be at least $2,000

I am still not back to normal since my second stay in the hospital. Paying the server bill and the rest of the bills associated with owning RMNews are causing added stress. My doctor told me to avoid stress as much as possible.

Pleas, Please... if you can afford it, please put some money in the Fundrazr widget.

Thanking you in advance,


The FundRazr widget is at $1131 at the moment. That means we're $1869 short of the goal for RMN's June expenses, with only 4 days remaining in the month. (!)

Now's the time to step up, folks; join the 35 fine folks who have seen fit already to support Rumor Mill News and help ensure its continued presence on Internet for all of us.

Blessings, all.




    ** ONLY 2-1/2 DAYS LEFT **

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Tuesday, 28-Jun-2016 12:51:40

    Hi, Folks -

    Many thanks to the 41 fab folks who have contributed $1526 toward our goal of $3000 for RMN's June expenses. :)

    Rayelan's been in hospital two times in the past few weeks. Your willing and timely support of Rumor Mill News does lift a burden of worry off her shoulders, and that's greatly appreciated. :)

    June's a short month, with only 2-1/2 days remaining. Another $1474 is what will fulfill our goal for this month.

    If 70 Readers were to stand up and contribute $20 apiece, that would easily do it. :)

    Please contribute TODAY if you're able and would find it fitting.


  2. Anonymous
    Contributed $50

    I'm breaking down and contributing even though I am utterly frustrated and annoyed that every first link takes me to a page with threats that I have a virus and then takes off the web altogether when I don't fall for the obvious ploy. I know it costs to keep going. I have been a regular contributor for a long time; but I am ashamed to contribute to a website that pays to have people attempt to take advantage of people and scam the into something. It is because I know what an honest person you are Hobie, that I contribute now.

    1. Wow! Thanks, sskids, do you know what he is talking about? I've never seen that on RMN. Though a scam warning would be useful, now that I think about it. Does RMN give readers a virus? Does he really know Jeff Gordon? Or is this Jeff Gordon (Hobie) trying another ploy? Let me know if you know!

  3. Thanks kindly, Reader, for that $50. :) And about that ad...

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 30-Jun-2016 23:15:43

    In Response To: *** JUNE COMES TO AN END - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE *** (hobie)

    Hi, Reader -

    Thanks for the $50 and the kind words. :) A few others have written to me about that ad. Please email and let me know if you're still seeing it.

    We were assured by our new remote ad supplier that it was coming from one of two stationary ads, so I disabled those yesterday, leaving in place that supplier's popup ad. If the one you describe is still present today, I need to know about it.

    Like all such ads these days, they pop up for some viewers but not for everyone - so I've never seen it myself, probably because my system is a Linux one, not Windows or Mac. Please let me know if it's still plaguing you.



    1. Thanks sskids! Now the question is about the ad to which 'Anonymous' refers. It looks like they are overcharging for the ad, at $50, given the amount of traffic out there. If Anon is an advertiser then we may be able to ascertain their identity. Always nice to know, though we would never interfere with an individuals right to choose with whom they do business. This does raise the question of why they would choose posting to communicate with their friend, Jeff Gordon, who lives in the family home in 'Druid' in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia when the usual protocol was to email We can surmise.

  4. ? My impression is that it is the usual none too bright reader and supporter complaining about the rumorswill's ads that tell the reader they have a virus and must download the advertisers software to clear the virus. The ad is a scam, just like grifter Raye and dinar Hobie, the reader reveals a low level of intelligence in assuming that Hobie is an honest person and deserves another $50.

    1. Well, sskids, we could take this attitude: Since it is most likely Jeff handing the money to himself the honesty issue is probably moot. But we don't want to discourage them from scheming to make it look like there is a possibility of an honest neuron existing if they pool their resources. What do you think?

  5. Could be, or just another reader/supporter that is not smart enough to download one of the many free ad block software programs which solves the problem. Notice dinar Hobie's elitism and implied innocence of any knowledge of the offending scam ad "Like all such ads these days, they pop up for some viewers but not for everyone - so I've never seen it myself, probably because my system is a Linux one, not Windows or Mac."

    1. Yes, it is clear that he is the one who keeps the scams going, not Rayelan the Denny Denizen, who does not like to bother her cute little brain about the details. After I wrote the article about the German Gold Bonds and I explained to her why the Iraqi Dinar had to be a scam, she made a big show of bringing me a small pile of the things she said she had 'promised' me. I was bemused. They did make good book marks. Pretty sturdy. But she had to have known they were not even worth storing.