Saturday, July 23, 2016

Announcement! Rayelan's dear, dear friend, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester arrested for burglary!

The Duke of Manchester Burgles Again!

From:  Daily Mail

Note:  Isn't this interesting?   Manchester claims to police he was mislead when he broke into the house.  The officers were treated to the interesting story he had,"gone out to buy   'milk and cat food'.  During the exciting quest he saw "a silver Hyundai Sonata' in a driveway, the victim's name is given as  'Ms Lopez.'  Thinking this likely belonged to his 'room mate, Jake' the Duke of Manchester broke into the home to look for him.  

Not buying this story the officers charged the Duke with burglary.  He is now out on bail until his trial, now scheduled for September. 

The trustees for the  Manchester English Estates were contacted and informed the inquirers they await further information.  Evidently the Duke had not shared this exciting news with them.  They did comment, as reported in the Daily Mail, 'He hasn't told us anything about it.'  The spokesman for the trust then is quoted as saying, that 'the Duke receives 'plenty of money' from the trust.'
Now, who is Jake and where is Laura gotten herself to?

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Now the disgraced Duke of Manchester is charged with BURGLARY after terrified woman 'finds him striding shirtless around her hallway' in his adopted city of Las Vegas

Five years after being exposed as a bigamist in the High Court in London, the thrice-married 53-year-old Duke of Manchester is facing further disgrace.

The dissolute aristocrat has been charged with burglary after being arrested in his adopted city of Las Vegas. It was shortly after 2.20am on July 6 that Vegas police received an emergency call from a Norma Lopez, who was stunned to see a substantial, grey-haired, shirtless man striding around her hallway.
The police told her to lock herself in her bathroom. Ms Lopez remained hidden until she heard the intruder go downstairs, when she crept out — only for the man to see her, drop the brown box he was carrying and 'rush out the front door'.  MORE

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  1. Grifter Rayes figure has all the allure of a fire hydrant, eye candy my ass

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