Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dredged up from the Far Past, or at least it feels like the far past.

Posted from sskids last comment,  "Grifter Raye's bullshit scammerific testimonial"

The 'Testimonial' below is coming from a woman who can always find ways to praise things which will profit her. But while I was living there I saw these 'miracle cures' abandoned before the shrill tones or praise and joy had died. I found it best not to comment. During this time Raye was very active, in her car and bouncing about. This was visible to anyone. She was still attending church and holding beading sessions there so this could not have escaped my notice.

I have had pneumonia. When you have it you are sick and become rather more quiet except for the hacking, wheezing and other signs of ill-health. Such sounds never issued up from downstairs. Also, I was vetry familiar with the Drama Of Imminent Doom which accompanied every tiny, usually pretended malady Rayelan enjoyed. I say 'enjoyed' because she obviously loved being sick and having people cluck over her. It was this period of time when Jim started living there and his home was used as a repository for Rayelan's 'valuables.' Angel had also noticed this, which is noted in the post below.

November 12 - 13 - 2013

Now that I noticed it, also read the previous post from November 1.

From: Psychic Vampires by Joe H. Slate, PH.D.

It is safe to assume people who are bouncing around, attending meetings, participating in multiple activities and show no signs of being sick are perfectly fine. But Rayelan could become bedridden at the drop of a dime when she was confronted with something she did not care to do or something more exciting beckoned.
This curiously coincides with the time when Morgan and Jay extracted final funds from Sassoon Saleem Sassoon. Remember, this entire drama has includes multiple players, all paid to 'get Melinda.'
Sassoon is an element I had not previously mentioned but his story will become prominent in the media because he is the Real Sassoon. His story will be out there soon! Vidal's name was actually something like Bernie Schwartz. It was traditional for these folks to have conference calls on what further outrages could be visited on me or my son and I had begun to wake up to the fact Rayelan was part of these exciting events by this time.
Here is what the Duke and Doxie were doing then. Remember, these are dear, dear friends of Rayelan's. 

                        25- CASE NO. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Status check:  Has Alex managed to pay off the fine of $3,500 in the last
                                 three years?

                        3 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Motion to Quash Bench Warrant issued for non-appearance on February
                               Arraignment set on original charge.  May 28, 2014

                       29 - Lady Emma Montagu dies.

                        28 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Arraignment on original charge, passing a bad check.  
                               Bench warrant issues for non-appearance by defendant.  Defendant failed
                               to make the second payment of $600.

                               ARTICLE - Mail Online - Duke faces court over a dud cheque

Grifter Raye's bullshit scammerific testimonial

TESTIMONIAL 1: RAYELAN ALLAN - Publisher Rumor Mill News
During this
Over the years that I have been the publisher of Rumor Mill News, I have been asked to endorse the creations and dreams of many peoples life's work. I have to experience the item before I write anything about it. I can count on one hand the things that I have chosen to endorse. I have found another winner that I choose to endorse.

What is an Intrinity? The answer to this question would take a book to explain it fully. The Intrinity was inspired by the Emerald Tablets. It goes back through written and remembered history from Egypt to Atlantis and probably off-world. It embraces sacred geometry, the Fibonacci code, the knowledge of Thoth… It can balance the chakra system and can take your spirit and allow it to soar.

Many of you know that from before Thanksgiving of 2013 to sometime near the end of April of this year (2014) I was in bed very ill with respiratory problems. I was diagnosed with pneumonia, which was caused by two different viruses. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. But these viruses did not respond to any of the many treatments I tried… herbal, colloidal silver, essential oils and several other modalities that have worked for me in the past. Sadly, nothing worked.

I developed pleurisy. At about this same time I received the Intrinity in the mail. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t know Fred Shute. He told me to wear it next to my skin and not take it off. The black string on which it hung caused the Intrinity to fall directly over my lungs.

As I look back on it I now realize that when I put on the Intrinity, that was the end of pleurisy and the pneumonia. I had been so sick for so long that my muscles were weak from staying in bed all day and night. It took me about two days to get the muscles back in shape. After that I was off and running and haven’t slowed down one bit… just speeded up.

I awake everyday at 4AM. This is the hour that most spiritual masters say is the best for meditating. I haven’t yet tried meditating unless you call the trance I go into while I am polishing the copper bottoms of my Revere Ware, meditation. I am polishing lots of copper, silver and brass because I am soon going to photograph it and put it on eBay. I have known for years that I meditate while I am polishing the various metals. But ever since I began wearing the Intrinity and awakening at 4AM the “metal inspired meditations” have been stronger, deeper and more amazing.

The most important changes I have seen in my life since I started wearing the Intrinity are:

1. A restoration of my health

2. More powerful meditations

3. Remembering my dreams once again

4. No longer intimidated

5. A feeling of strength that permeates body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I feel I can say that I have never tried anything that works so well on so many levels. Even though I have the feeling that once the Intrinity works its 4-fold healing on you, that you probably are not going to need to wear it any longer. But even though I feel this way, I’m going to make sure that I have an Intrinity with me at all times.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to experience the power and subtleness of the Intrinity.


  1. Some of it also matches the video she did with you, almost word for word, the part about not being intimidated and having energy.

    1. There is not an original thought, or lie, in her little pea head.