Monday, August 8, 2016

Agent 86 comments on the RayeTox Below, , "Send money...I want to spend are a few new lies"

Thanks, Agent 86!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
We can't stay on the web without your help. Last month we raised half of what is needed.
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 7-Aug-2016 11:46:42
RMNews is one of the oldest privately owned websites. It covers every aspect of the human condition and world. We celebrated our 20th anniversary this June 6th.
Raye knows people get excited when a publication has managed to stay around for a while, no matter what.  All of us emotionally normal people will project onto the statement validation for the publication and ignore the realities all too obvious if we pause to consider the past.  See Time Line.

Rayelan is lying.  This is easy for a psychopath because they feel no guilt for anything they do.  
From the Time Line: 
        June 9 - A record is created through Network Solutions for the URL

       January 25 -   Rumor Mill News comes on line.  Rayelan is living in Watsonville,
                                 California, a middle class development outside of Santa Cruz.
       November 9 - Rumor Mill News is now consistently online and looks like THIS 

This statement on her part was intended to get you to cough up money into her Razr.  She now will whine out more justifications and pullings on the heart-strings to egg you into delivering.   
We can't stay on the web without your help. Last month we raised half of what is needed.
This means that I, as the one who pays the bills, must look to other avenues to come up with the money. This takes my time away from RMNews to the point that I am a stranger to many of our readers.
I am also having serious health problems. I've been in the hospital near Cleveland where they did an angiogram and told me that the main artery next to the heart is 40% blocked. I'm on a diet and medicine regimen that is designed to reverse things.
Oh, Fear and Shock.  Your beloved Rumor Mill News, which ripped you off for the Family Camp Ground for tens of thousands of dollars, paid for Raye the Rapacious's move to Ohio and then helped her move again and for uncounted disasters (all  invented) will disappear from your life.  Ask yourself why you care.  Note that she designed the site so you can't find your friends here who are also being ripped off, unless the site remains.  You are being held hostage to your emotional connection to people she refuses to let you know directly.  What kind of creep does this.  Smile Rayelan, we are talking about you.  
I am also taking oral chelation because I know first hand that it works. I saw the x-rays from before and after chelation for my late husband, David. He was reversing the blocked arteries when he died from a blood clot to the brain.
Rayelan will eventually die as will all of us. Raye is more than a hundred pounds over weight because she eats like a pig and is too lazy to pick up after herself, instead conning others and paying people to do the work most people do for themselves.  She has several sources of income, most likely more than nearly anyone reading this.  She has never showed you any bills, just told you to pay whatever she needs to continue her life style.  
The one thing you can do to help me at this time is to take the money worries off my back. If you have the resources and are willing, please donate.
So, are you going to buy her lies?  My advice is to, instead, donate to the campaign of Gary Johnson as electing him would help us avoid multiple disasters of horrific potential.  
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
And Agent 86 is exactly right.  It is time we started pointing out the disordered and Narcissistic elements always present in Rayelan the Ready to Feed's Posts on her now struggling disinformation site.  

Rayelan, there is a lot of her to feed.


  1. We celebrated our 20th anniversary this June 6th"

    Her so-called 20th anniversary celebration consisted of the rubes sending extra money and grifter Raye pissing it away on crap. What fun!

    Her new diet Grand Slam Breakfast and Early Bird Specials, open your wallets rubes for grifter raye's heart healthy diet!

    1. Hi sskids! Ah, the never ending round of Events requiring you shell out money, the one way street where she gets money for selling you scams and you pay her for being scammed. Such fun! All best, sskids!

  2. people never ever change their spots. don't expect this grifter to change.

    1. Oh, Anonymous, I have no expectations she will change in any essential way....but she will continue to grow older, as do all of us. The sad thing about the disordered is that they can't change, except for growing more pathetic. They cannot learn, just continue to scheme. And you can't feel sorry for them because the growing obviousness of their deviant behavior provides more protection for the unwary who they would otherwise suck dry. Let's be grateful she aborted her only child.


    Help!! Server Needs to be Paid -- And Nothing in the Accounts!

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 13-Aug-2016 09:49:41

    It's that time of month again.

    I thank the 9 people who have already contributed and raised $230.00. Here's the comment one of those readers left:

    "Reader D
    Contributed $20
    Great information, as usual! The dangers of the proposed 5G network, Izakovic's take on the chemtrailing, the excellent Joseph Stiglitz article, and the fascinating wildlife webcams, to name but a recent few. Thanks, and keep up the great work, RMN!"

    end of reader comments!

    Like all of us, RMN has bills to pay. I know that times are hard financially right now. But all I ask if from each reader who truly enjoys what we bring them, is to contribute $5.00. If all 141,420 visitors would contribute $5.00, that would be $707.100.

    I have never charged to read RMNews... But maybe its time to rethink this.

    How many readers would pay $5.00 a month to read RMNews?

    What if you could post your comments yourself!!

    If I choose to do this, I will add an interactive feature which will allow contributing readers to post comments under articles. This would literally (almost) make each one of our contributing readers an RMNews "agent"!

    I still have reservations about charging as little as $5.00 a month. When I started RMNews 20 years ago I did charge %5.00 for a monthly issue. But the monthly issues were printed and mailed, not just online. After printing and postage, I think I made about $2.00 an issue.

    I don't know what the answer to the money question is. I am still going to be away from RMN more than I would like due to my health problems and the various treatments I will be taking. With my current heart condition (which I am told can be reversed) all I need is additional money worries.

    Years ago, I used to be able to pay all of the expenses of RMN out of my salary as a teacher. But the expenses were quite a bit less in those days. I am also no longer working and bringing in an income of my own above and beyond my social security and VA Benefits.

    To make ends meet, I will start selling some of my thrift store finds on eBay. These are items that I always bought with the idea of selling them to pay the bills. It's now time for me to generate another income stream so that I don't depend entirely on RMN readers to pay the bills... so the Thrift store items are now for sale.

    But right at the moment, with the server fee coming due, I have to ask readers for help. I simply don't have enough money coming in to pay the server without your help.

    Thank you so much for your understanding and your help.