Saturday, December 17, 2016

Agent 86 again deserved Kudos for discovered cons by the Deceptive Duo.

Agent 86 pointed out, "What shortfall? Show us the receipts or I'm going call you a liar." 
Understanding that our attention spans can be short the fact  Rayelan has great insurance from her deceased military husband and told me medical and hospital visits were entirely covered, has slipped their minds.  

It was my experience while in Ohio that Rayelan lied about her health on the smallest pretext and appeared to enjoy her visits to the hospital, which were always brief because no discernible problem was identified.   I came to the conclusion Rayelan enjoyed the drama of being 'ill,' and was actually quite healthy.  This went along with her demand to have a 'healthy diet' while the trash showed she was actually eating largely of junk food nearly every night.  

More than this, however, is the fact the content from RMN is improperly acquired, without permission from those who actually wrote it.  This is an impropriety which could be legally actionable if those authors chose to take action.  

Rayelan is acting in conspiracy with Readers who are unaware they are violating legal practices and so overlooking their own potential vulnerability.  And although Rayelan and Hobie do not allow Readers to know each other's identities this does not mean these would not become known if legal action is launched.  

Readers of RMN, if you are posting make sure you use no more than three paragraphs and provide clear attribution to the author and online source.

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
I'd love to see 80 contributors this month.
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 16-Dec-2016 19:26:30

Hi, Folks -
We're grateful for the 22 fine folks who have contributed already toward RMN's December expenses, including, as she put it, a "paltry" $10 from Celia Farber. whose work some of us have admired and appreciated for many years. :) Thanks to all of you.
The past several months, our Fundrazr has come up short of the goal amount, which has left publisher Rayelan each month to find some way to cover the shortfall herself, even while experiencing health difficulties of her own.
This month I'd like to see us at least reach the target goal of $2500 or perhaps even to surpass it, so Raye can rest easy during this holiday season.
Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish that would be for more folks to "chip in" at this time. So I'm asking specifically for 80 contributors this month, a figure we used to pretty commonly reach and I expect could do so again.
Please do contribute, without waiting to see if others' contributions will reach the goal total without you, if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.


  1. DSL...$35.00 per month
    Cell Phone....$75.00 per month
    Server......$200.00 per month

    She has scammed her readers for $970 as of today. She owes her readers a refund, so, what shortage?

    1. Thanks, sskids. NOw, how many times have these con-artists been asked to provide their bills to prove their claimed expenses are legitimate? 20? More? Probably more. So, Rayelan and Hobie, cought up the papers.

  2. I have to say, it's beyond disgusting! And I don't know what's more disgusting, the people who believe the BS or the BSers themselves. It's not hard to figure out something is very wrong. If I can do it, anyone can.

    1. Anon., let's remember most people also believe government is doing its best. And let's not forget about the Dinar revaluing. It is an epidemic case of Arrested Paradigm, that is what it is! Merry Christmas (Note, Jesus was born in February. The early Roman church relocated the date to Saturnalia on the solstice and substituted the Christ Child. Then, Saint Nicholas, a real saint acclaimed by the people for standing up to Constantine on taxes and caring for his people, was converted into a delivery system.

  3. RayéLoon has been sick and needs $2500 this month, and every month, so she can take a rest. A rest from doing what? Carrying "precious heirlooms" out of the flea market? Or perhaps the waddle from the car to the front door of Dennys is what "wore her out." Why doesn't she stage a fall at the flea market. It's done every day. Should be good for a few thousand from insurance, and a few more thousand from her readers.

    The lies will go on and on. Until something happens to stop it.

    1. 2W3X4YZ5, RayeLoon is totally focused on herself, her stuff the dogs, and her immediate pleasures. It cannot be otherwise with people who are psychopathic so we cannot expect it. When Hobie abandons ship she is toast, however. His address is known and it is just taking time for the authorities to catch up with him. Until then this bizarre unreality will continue to slow down beofre grinding to a halt. It will stop completely when we have installed the solutions so desperately needed to change the foundations of our economy to one which provides stability for everyone and is sustainable for the Earth on which we live. It is coming sooner than anyone things.

  4. Does this quote remind you of anybody? ;-)
    “The thief, as will become apparent, was a special type of thief. This thief was an artist of theft. Other thieves merely stole everything that was not nailed down, but this thief stole the nails as well.”
    Happy Holidays and thanks for all you do!
    ― Terry Pratchett, Sourcery