Thursday, December 22, 2016

Agent 86 found this gem...."Uninspiring demand for money..."we have 80 stalwart supporters of RMN with a few bucks left over from Christmas shopping. :) If you have it to give, please give. "

Clearly, both Rayelan the Rapacious and Hobie (Jeff Gordon) the Hypocrite, are afraid to retail the lies which worked so well in the past.  So they are using this lower key means to whine for cash to support their entirely fraudulent enterprise.  

Don't let them get away with it.  Demand they put up their bills and provide proof they are no longer stealing content and also demand repayment for the frauds perpetrated on you in the past.  

It is the Season to consider what we want the future to hold for us.  The thing we most need to trust.  You cannot trust these people to tell you the truth and they have no place in our future.  

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I'd love to see 80 contributors this month. :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 21-Dec-2016 14:54:16

Hi, Folks -
Thanks to those who have contributed already; we love you guys. :)
Happy Solstice, everyone; Christmas will soon be here. :)
In recent months we've pulled up short of our goal for the Fundrazr, leaving Rayelan to have to find a way to make up the shortfall. Over time, that takes a toll.
I'd love it if in this final month of 2016 we could see 80 contributors to the Fundrazr. Surely among the many thousands that show up to view the Poofness updates we have 80 stalwart supporters of RMN with a few bucks left over from Christmas shopping. :)
If you have it to give, please give.
Blessings, all.


  1. Blessings to you and Arthur Melinda.

    I wish you and yours good health and lots of light and love for you in 2017.

    I look forward to reading what your diligence brings to the ether in the next year.

    Merry Christmas


  2. Hi J~ Thanks for the greetings, good wishes, light and love. We wish the same to you! We have been very busy and it is looking exciting for good things this next year. Expect amazing. Merriest of Moments as we turn back to summer. - Hugs, Melinda and Arthur

  3. It would be relatively simple to contact the original authors of the articles and let them know their work is being used without their permission, by frauds who attempt to profit from the stolen articles.

    Merry Christmas, and who cares about the solstice?

    1. Hi 2W3X4YZ5, it would be simple but time consuming right now. We are working on a proposal on an entirely different issue. I love the celebration of Christmas but remember the facts.

      The present date for the Birth of the Messiah was moved to a date near the Solstice and Saternalia by Constantine to encourage conversions by Pagans. Saint Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra in the area now known as Turkey. He was named Saint by acclimation of the people, not by Rome, having endured imprisonment, torture, depredation and more. He was a champion for all the people in his area and, by reliable reports, performed miracles. His Feast Day is celebrated on December 6th.

      He lived the Word of Christ, "What you do for the least of these you do for me."

      Merry Christmas.

  4. Hobie has a long way to go if he wants to see 80 rubes contribute by the end of the month, so far he has only duped 32 into donating their hard earned dollars to their scam.

    1. Yes, sskids, he does. But you have to give it to him for persistence. I always wonder what other scams they are running now that this one is proving to be problematical. When I have a moment I will dig in. Happiest of New Years!