Saturday, February 11, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Slow, very slow learner..."Hobie feels that hope is a necessary attribute of human nature in order to run a successful SCAM" (fixed it for the poster)"

Perhaps some of you understand to what this fellow is refers.  We know they live in a fantasy world - but how many identities can one invent?   

Who is Mr. Ed?  Please inform me.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Posted By: oliverhaddo
Date: Friday, 10-Feb-2017 18:12:18

: (Thanks kindly, A. :)
: Reader A. writes: =====
: Good morning Hobie,
: I enjoy a good discussion, and even the occasional intelligent
: rant, but I'm finding the current series of attacks on Mr.
: Ed increasingly unpleasant. I know it's a fine line, but
: when more than one person joins in the attack every time
: Mr. Ed posts, it becomes quite clear that the line has been
: crossed, at least in my opinion. Is this the beginning of
: political correctness at Rumor Mill; more "divide and

: conquer?"
No it is not the beginning of (shudder) political correctness on RMN. I have been waiting for "NESARA" or something like it since the late 1990's; ever since then, NESARA has been advertised as being imminent,or "just around the corner." I am tired of waiting for it, and sometimes express that via sarcastic comments. If these have offended Mr. Ed, other agents or readers, I regret that & hope nobody takes it personally.Ditto for my comments on the Cobra posts. One sneaky way to infiltrate the Mill is to supply essentially accurate info along with disinfo. This, I believe, is Cobra's game, but certainly cannot prove it. "Cobra" is a voice, and RMN has the right--if not an obligation--to present that voice to its readers. I, in turn, have the right to express my opinion of Cobra.
I am frustrated by false hope. Hobie feels that hope is a necessary attribute of human nature. I've no argument with that.
There is no "divide and conquer" agenda--either intended or accidental--when we allow both expressions of hope and expressions of hope frustrated to co-exist on the same website.
In closing, here is something I posted here many years ago:
" Rumor Mill News does not fit into a box. This place is as vast and lawless and deep and unpredictable as the urge to freedom. Nobody on the other side will ever understand what makes it tick."

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