Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Agent 86 says, "Grifter raye's latest load of Bull shit, cough, cough...I'm sick"

Thanks, Agent 86!  As you read this remember Raye enticed me to leave my home and relocate to Ohio.  She offered to pay for the trip, provided an offer of employment, and a partnership in what I believed was the corporation, Rubicon Aegis, LLC, which, she said, owned RMN.  She lied.  

She asked me to set up a corporation, by this name in 2012 knowing full well Rubicon Aegis, LLC, had been incorporated in 2010.  She had, herself, taken out the papers.  

I am one tick from being legally blind and absolutely did not want to leave California.  Driving is hard for me.  I have a bad heart, a family issue which has already killed three of my siblings.  

She had persuaded me to work on credit for her 'best friends,' The Duke and Duchess of Manchester.  She told me they were highly ethical people and she knew, as a fact, the charges of bigamy then appearing in the media were untrue.  She lied.

Once there, I was attacked day and night by her friends, The Manchesters, joined by my estranged daughter, Morgan.  I discovered she was working with them, activated by Craig, my former husband.  

Yesterday I received another hateful email, via COMMENT, on the site I maintain on Craig, who is a sexual predator who married me to gain access to my children.  

Here my response.  

Morgan, the Psychopathic Predator, Speaks.

I do not feel sorry for Rayelan.  Remember Jim, Raye's dear friend who moved in with her?  She persuaded him to sell his valuables to pay her expenses, then dumped him.  Ask yourself if this woman deserves your help.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Why we have combined May and June
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 20-Jun-2017 06:37:50

As many of you know, I've been having some health problems. I've had the "flu" or something that resembles the flu for almost a month now.
I think I'm well, and then I fall ill again. Over and Over! Whatever I have, it is so debilitating that I stay in bed most of the day. It takes all my strength to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen.
Yesterday I was very close to going to the ER. But... I knew they would admit me because of the blockage in the main artery to the heart. So I waited to see how I would feel "in the morning".
As I lay awake in bed last night I realized I have taken vitamins for over 40 years. I used to work in a health food store in Carmel, California. The owner of the store taught me about vitamins and supplements as well as any professor at Loma Linda, the only place in CA, at the time, that taught nutrition.
Clint Eastwood was one of our customers. He also taught me things.
Last night, I also realized that I was not taking my usual regimen of vitamins and supplements that our own Dr. Robin Falcov had put together for me. I ran out of money. I believe there is probably a direct connection between not taking my vitamins and this cough and stomach bug I can't seem to shake.
I just ordered what I used to take from Vitacost. After I ordered, I checked to see how much I had left in the account. To my horror, I discovered that I was $132.00 overdrawn.
How could this be?
Then I saw that an order for Vitamin B12 had been charged. I honestly don't remember ordering it. It was the Vitamin B12 that George Noory advertises on Coast to Coast. It sounded amazing. So I wrote down their number and would order it in the morning.
For years now I have had to have a Vitamin B12 shot every month. My doctor in California told me that I lacked the intrinsic factor required to make Vitamin B12. At least that's what I remember her saying.
She went to medical school in Mexico where at least a quarter of their education is in nutrition. She then came back to the states and finished her medical training in Chicago.
I WAS pretty satisfied with her treatment of me. But now I live in Ohio and have an osteopath as my primary physician. Up until recently she has been giving me a Vitamin B12 shot when I needed them. But now she won't give me the shot. So when I heard about the Vitamin B12 that was being advertised on Coast to Coast, I knew I had to order it. So I wrote down the number and put it on my refrigerator meaning to order it.
But I don't remember ordering it. It was this order of Vitamin B12 that has caused my bank account to be overdrawn. I had checked my account yesterday and I KNEW there was at least $214 in it. When I ordered the vitamins from VitaCost I knew that amount would cover them. But I forgot about the B12... and because if this, my bank account is overdrawn by $132.
If you can help, I would really appreciate it. This illness has caused all sorts of problem for RMN's owner and for RMN's hobie... but that's a long story. I will tell it when I feel strong enough to sit at this computer for a long time.
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Thank you in advance, I remain dedicated to bringing you the best information that our agents can find.


  1. Poor grifter raye, it's not that she is lazy or that she doesn't care and only shows up when it's time to swindle the rubes. No, no, it's because she has been deathly ill for the last seven years and these niggardly rubes will not even pay for her B12 pills. If this selfishness keeps up, why grifter raye may just have to take rumorswill away from the rubes forever.

    1. Sskids, Raye is not, per se, lazy. The issue is preferred activities. Raye likes money, which can be spent on things she wants. This includes eating out, buying 'treasures.' And other forms of self-indulgences. Working (writing whining letter or goosing RMN
      Readers), is only tolerated when no other source option is possible. So Raye is not ill, she is gravid with greed.