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Agent 86 said, "Not a dime to her name, really? She'd go back to work to support to support rumorswill? Friendly reminder? I gave this beg an F"

Actually that beg deserves a far lower grade, given its deviation from the truth.  Thanks, Agent 86!  Below is a post including links to previous posts on Raye which includes a long article I wrote showing Raye's real work history. 

First let us here at Insights, remind you Raye's only 'honest' job was selling shoes when she was in her late 'teens.  She claims to have made a lot of money doing this while working part time for the Authorities reporting on her friends who were smoking pot.  This probably depleted her supply of friends and acquaintances but opened up new fields of endeavor.  

This was either during or after her first very underreported marriage to Roger Kenneth Lafler, born October 5, 1945, Darlene was using the name Darlene Rae Smith. The two were married Oct 8, 1967 in Stanislaus County, California.
Authorities then asked her to seduce (become the girl friend of) a Mexican drug lord.  Raye did so and enormously enjoyed the experience which included a posh life style.  She liked it so much she considered marrying the fellow.  But she was not surprised when he was nastily offed since this event was implied by her employer.  

On May 21, 1975 Darlene Rae Lafler married Dr. John Norvell Dyer, Chairman of the Department of Physics from 1979 – 1987, at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, in Clark,County, Nevada. 

It appears Dyer had divorced his first wife, Barbara A. Dyer, on March 17th of the same year. 

Dr. Dyer and his first wife had several children.  Raye expressed astonishment that her step children did not like her and maligned them to me.  Naturally, she did not fill me in on the chronology.   

The couple were divorced at some point, evidently. Dyer died Dec 31, 1988 in Monterey.   Raye told me her step son-in-law murdered her former husband so he could not remarry her, which they planned to do.  She also said she had an abortion during the marriage and began to explore a career in fortune telling, excuse me, as a psychic and had her trip to Mars, so largely reported. 

The other interesting insertion into her narrative of this period was having met an officer, she later realized was Gunther Russbacher during a dance put on by the Naval Post Graduate School.  The scene she painted was very touching.   

Raye spent money from the divorce during a sojourne in NY, where she was engaging in activities she did not want to enlarge upon.  None of these appeared to relate to employment of any kind, as we understand the term.  

Raye also got to know members of spiritual communities and had her picture taken with these individuals.  

I was told she found her former husband's dead body on December 31, 1988.

Darlene's third marriage, to Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989 she was using the name Raye Allan.  This followed immediately her jaunt to Washington D. C. for an interview with Senator Claiborne Pell.  Pell was then acknowledged as a leader in the environmental movement.  An article on Pell, from 1975, shows him to have been publicly expressing opinions which could have been contrary to what the Elites wanted known.   

"NEWS BRIEF: "United States and Other World Powers Should Outlaw Tampering With Weather for Use as War Weapon", Editorial by Senator Claiborne Pell, D-Rhode Island, The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975."  LINK

Darlene describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

So, the question occurs.  Why did Raye go after Dr. Dyer in 1975?  Curious.  But now let's look at her narrative on Senator Pell.  

I personally know one of the still living environmentalists who worked with Senator Pell.  She and her family were upscale folks and she had worked in the JFK White House. She told me during this time Pell knew there were attempts to set him up for a scandal.  

Raye reported she and Pell had private meetings, which exactly contradicts the policy he had set and was then following.  Raye explained her abrupt departure from Washington D. C., where she had gone for her interview, recommended by Gary Condit. You may remember Condit as the Congressman suspected of murdering  Chandra Levy.

Raye wrote, oSunday, 15-Jul-2001 19:10:17 ,After two more trips to Washington D.C., I was approached by the Condit Campaign and asked to join. I declined due to illness. One of my nieces took the job. As a result of her involvement, I was asked to host a small party for the Condit family. During that party, Condit himself asked me to join his campaign. He had heard from my niece that I was thinking about accepting a job on Capitol Hill and he put in a pitch to get me to go to work for him instead of Senator Claiborne Pell.”

The above is from an article I wrote, recalling Raye's statements to me, which I then researched.   Still have not had time to write a book on her.  POST

It is worth reading, if you have the time.  The article provides more information but does not mention the Phoenix incidents, which backs up the assertion Russbacher was a conman and might have been working as an agent for some intelligence agency, perhaps the CIA.

I had not looked at it since it was posted, November 25, 2014.  Lots more on Raye, if you have the time.  The Phoenix revelations came later.  The cited evidence from the Phoenix Project is available HERE.

Raye still has the retirement for 'teaching' Condit appears to have arranged, her Social Security, the health insurance from her dead husband, Major Kooker, and goodness knows what else.  The smallest violin is singing for her.  

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