Friday, May 5, 2017

Agent 86 finds an interesting trace of Rayelan

"Do you think this is grifter raye reliving her imaginary glory days? The avatar looks better than she ever did."

I think you are right on, Agent 86.  And we know from the silliness of Princess of Obergon how little it takes for little Darlene to fantasize herself as a figure of significance.  

Her rank, if this is her, is newbie, so maybe without any status she found it depressing to continue pretending with a group who likely did not recognize her name.


Rank: Oathsworn

Online: 28 days ago

Gender: Female
State/Province: Ohio
Forum Signature:
“It came charging toward me, several hundred pounds of angry-looking monster, and I did the only thing any reasonable wizard could have done. I turned around and ran like hell.”


  1. check out her characters:

    Out Alasana 100 Night Elf Priest Shadow
    Out Elyani 98 Draenei Paladin Retribution
    Out Eveyne 100 Human Warlock Demonology
    Out Lyreina 100 Night Elf Warrior Protection
    Out Sybella 90 Draenei Shaman Elemental
    Out Zyvara 100 Night Elf Druid Restoration

    1. Wow! Thanks, sskids! Clearly, Raye has lots of time on her hands for more fantasies when the ones she spins at RMN pale in delights and for generating cash. Nice way to fight the forces of evil, right? Snicker.

    2. Now, doesn't this remind you of little Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, California?