Saturday, May 13, 2017

Agent 86 says, " Rayes 'family' of well wishers consists of two people, one from a delusional reader and the other was plugging his book-the rest were all hobie and his youtubs"

Thanks to Agent 86 for another example of deluded, or shillish action from behind the anonymity which is Raye.  Of course, the CIA knows exactly who she is since she provided her specialized services to them, but her Readers are not supposed to know how to contact each other.  You see how that works, right?

If the sappy commenter, 'anon' below were interested in the truth s/he would have read the proof this site offers instead of hyping a product from which s/he or a relative sells.  Care to come out of the hidie hole, anon?  Hummm...?

Bell Tolls? Because I was sure all of us want to know about the author I went to Amazon and obtained the information.  It was far down the list of books at Amazon, since "For Whom the Bell Tolls," by Ernest Hemingway is a novel which is a classic and sells well today, as it did when first published in 1940.  Hemingway was an acknowledged master of the printed word. 

Valiant Bill is William  Griffith and his newest book, already published, is below and available at Amazon.  An excerpt is included and available below.  Hope some literate person will prove able to review the book coherently.  

Learn more about Bill's literary efforts at Spirit Train Chronicles and watch his video!   His following is reflected by 241 google hits. 

The Bell Tolls Kindle Edition

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He smiled. “All things come at the appropriate 
Time,” he said sensing my fascination and shock. 
“I tell you now, as I tell them too…to 
Be fair. It has to be this way. The timing 
You see, has to be…quite clear. New readers 
Now. All those eyes and ears out there…And 
That one rare roaming one that finds this, 
Shall lead them to share it with another
And another. Its purpose…causing them 
To speculate, and wonder. What a strange 
Story you’re telling them, this way…right 
Now…What is he thinking they’ll ask 
Themselves. Is he clever, playing some 
Game of imagination…or is he truly 
Communicating with someone out of this 

OK.  I would not buy it either.  But the variation in tastes, and writing styles, matches the intellects and depth of imagination existing within the human genus.  Good luck, Bill!  Your artwork is beautiful.   

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Reader: "Just want to add my birthday blessings to Raye"
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Date: Friday, 12-May-2017 17:27:47

(Thanks, a. :)
Reader anon writes:
Re: 2008 - PAUL McCARTNEY, live, 'BIRTHDAY' (H....
just want to add my birthday blessings to Raye-i admire your courage as you soldier on thru life in these perilous times and keep standing up to the schmucks without a clue-that they don't get The Law of One-when one is harmed all are harmed, and when one is helped, all are helped--thanks for being a role model big sister and many happier days ahead full of joy and laughter!

Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
from Valiant and his Mom: "A VERY Happy Birthday to Raye" and "Valiant's new book"
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Date: Friday, 12-May-2017 20:48:31

(Thanks kindly, L. :)
Valiant's Mom Lida writes:
Hello Raye...and Hobie,
Two things to tell you,
First, a VERY Happy Birthday to Raye today.
May you receive many blessings for the sacrifices and hard work you have done in bringing the Internet community the cold hard facts of truth.
Thanks to you too Hobie in your selfless assistance in making sure all that happens!
Second, on behalf of Valiant (Bill), who also wishes to send his thanks, we would like to announce that his next book: The Bell Tolls is now completed, and will be released through Amazon, in book and ebook, within the next few days. It contains all of the posts of Knock Knock The Bell Tolls series from last year!
Many of his followers have mentioned how much they would love to have a bound copy for their it has been done!
I am attaching the cover file for your viewing, so you can preview it.
(it was designed by our friend in Brazil, Alex Tauber, a very talented graphic artist. You may recognize The Good Spirit on the cover)
Bill is very grateful for the voice you have given him on your site...
and he now has an international following! Many are now 'friends', such as Alex, the cover designer...
Thank you everything!
Have a wonderful Mothers Day Raye!
We sincerely wish for your health and happiness!
Bless you both.
Valiant's Mom


  1. "Have a wonderful Mothers Day Raye!" Lida, Valiant's mom does not know much about grifter Raye.

    1. Raye lies with a straight face. Over time, she contradicted herself. That was very illuminating for me. But it was Arthur who had the most visceral reaction to her, especially after her gleeful recital of her cannibalism. Creepy.