Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A reprise of Rayelan who never read any of these books, apparently.

As you watch this video you see how completely ignorant Rayelan is about the JFK Assassination, which today is now widely believed to have been the work of the CIA because JFK was off the reservation on some issues.  

These books were donated to become the foundation of an RMN library.  So Rayelan decided to sell them after never having read them.  She was too busy with her tabloids, you know. 

Note that Oswald had nothing to do with the assassination.  Raye clearly was not an operative on a high enough level to be briefed.

See comments from the YouTube site below the film.  

For accurate information go to the Justice Integrity Project.


Published on April Fools, how apropro, I bet the person who donated these books feels like a fool, you greedy scammer.
You have Skype Holy shit!?
This book collection of JFK books is still available.


  1. How do I read those books, they're all backwards

  2. Did you read the comments on youtube?

    1. After your reminder I did. Now they are posted below the film you found for us. Thanks!