Thursday, September 24, 2015

"More droppings from Hobie, no story, none of this 'if you find it fitting', we are getting desperate. You have any money? Give it to us, NOW"

Thanks Agent 86!  As September runs down to the end so do other things, for instance the lies which sustained Rayelan and Jeff Gordon all of these years.  7 people looked at the link which included no outrageous claims and impossible narrative. 

And is Rayelan starving in her happy new home, a lavish and well appointed house for what was once a dairy farm? Lots of room there to store her precious cache of finds from local thrift stores and garage sales.  These she was going to make a mint selling - but everyone is selling anything which might bring in a couple of bucks so the market is, shall we say, saturated with collectibles. 

If you go over the history of RMN in as far as it reflects Raye's life, you see a continuous pattern of over indulgence, spending beyond her means, and relying on begging and scams.  And it did not start with RMN.  It started, as far as any facts are available on Raye, while she was 'suddenly married' to Gunther Russbacher immediately after she fell flat on her face in her attempt to seduce Senator Pell, most likely at the behest of the same corporates we are facing today. 

RMN was her retirement, still useful to them but no longer able to continue her original assignments, which depended on sex appeal. 

Hobie, being a background operative, can move on, change his name, adopt another one on another site, which he likely already has. 

Think about how much you have donated.  Ask for your money back. 

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hobie -- Thursday, 24-Sep-2015 04:55:07


  1. Hobie never uses the word donate. Donate implies a gift, freely given with no obligation from the donor to give. Contribute, on the other hand, while it means the same thing, somewhere in there is a subtle meaning to give because it IS an obligation. For instance suppose there was a mythical family campground that was being enjoyed by a group of campers. Everybody but one person was giving money or labor to the cause, would Hobie accuse the moocher of not donating or not contributing to the cause while enjoying the benefits? In the real world Hobie and Rayelan of course would contribute their scamming abilities only and the moocher would never be allowed in to the mythical campground. In the real world, Rayelan and Hobie would scam donations for a family campground that does not even exist.

    You might not agree, but to me there is a very subtle difference between

    1. Wow. I missed that. Well, if they thought they were contributing, as opposed to donating, they need to sue them for fraud. Or report them to the authorities, that works too.

  2. And Hobie contributes another $52, somehow I think it is the same $52 he contributed at the beginning of the month, it's like moving your money from the back pocket to the front pocket. But whatever it takes to con the Rubes by 'setting a good example'.

    The scamming never stops at RumorSwillSnooze!

    hobie gave $52
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    C gave $25
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