Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And the blandishments of Jeff Gordon continue

Agent 86 comments, "hobie tries again, and trips over his own arrogance."

See Ed. comments in RED,where appropriate.

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A few have asked, "Why should I support RMN? I can read the same information at other websites."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 22-Sep-2015 05:00:15
Hi, Folks -
(This is _not_ directed at all our Readers who simply are unable to help out financially at this time. That's okay - it just means it's someone else's turn, right now. :)
Not many, but a few, have written with this essentially rhetorical question: "Why should I support RMN? I can read the same information at other websites."
Well...first of all, that's not true. :)
Yes it is.  There are plenty of sites which follow the train of events, of which RMN picks up only a small number.  
Yes, in the present 'season' in the life of Rumor Mill News, we are posting quite a lot of information found elsewhere on Internet.
You're welcome. :)
Save your self congratulations for when someone has a reason to thank you. Aggregators generally have content to justify their advertising.  Remember that term, Advertising.   
The RMN Agents have already aggregated that information for you, here in this one location. If you really want to go scour Internet to search out all this information yourself, feel free to do so, with our blessing. :)
The specific form for the aggregation includes scams disguised as news and promoted by Hobie and Raye, for their own enrichment.  Other aggregated content is clearly disinformation, sensational but intended to mislead.  
"Well, yes - but there's MORE INFORMATION out there that you're NOT posting!"
Again: you're welcome. :)
No Aggregator, either legitimate or focused just on the generation of income can cover everything.  Take a careful look at what is covered and then think about what you are not seeing. Then, seek out three editorially transparent sites, you choose, there are many, who post different viewpoints with a variety of content.  Again, look at RMN.   
The many different perspectives and points-of-view embodied in the RMN Agent team means we post a lot of things, and also LEAVE OUT a lot of things.
Hobie and Raye here admit they are manipulating what they want you to know.  Don't expect them to share their reasons with you.  Those are between them and their handlers at the CIA. 
But that doesn't mean we didn't see the information we're leaving out. Rather, we've made the decision not to bring it here for your attention, for one reason or another.
Are Agents independent?  If they show too much of that they are former Agents without any means of obtaining justice.  RMN is an absolute centralized and controlled state with its subjects, Agents, having no recourse.  
Likewise, the independent nature of the Agents means we sometimes post the same thing more than once. You might view that as a mistake. Or, you might realize it means this is an item more than one Agent found to be important or interesting. Sometimes the first post just doesn't catch everyone's attention, but the second one does. Aren't you glad you get a second chance at it? :)
Hobie and Raye are sloppy about what goes up to a degree. They will take down anything they disagree with but allow redundancies to remain.
And, of course, we're not JUST reposting information we've found somewhere. Instead, the Agent may (or may not) offer his or her personal comment on the item. And, always, here at RMN our Readers have some opportunity to comment on the original post. And, both Agents and Readers have some opportunity to CORRECT the information if there's need for that. (Consider the recent post and ensuing thread on how red meat causes cancer.)
Ahem.  There is nothing edge or new about the topic used as an example.  However, Hobie does not mention the real dialog ongoing on the subject of organically and humanely raised cattle or other meat animals.  But he probably does not know it is an issue.  
And, yes, sometimes an Agent will post an item that is his or her own unique thoughts. You won't find that on those other websites.
Unique thoughts come through on comments on nearly all sites.  Many engaged readers there create long threads with no fear their right to post and comment will be summarily revoked.  Again, compare this to the Bastion of Fascism, RMN. 
Bottom line: If Rumor Mill News isn't worthy of your support, why are you here?
Good question, Hobie.  Perhaps they are waiting to watch your site die and read about indictments in the main stream media.  


  1. Bottom line: If Rumor Mill News isn't worthy of your support, why are you here?

    Is that any way to get the advertising $$$$$?


    1. Well, gosh. Jeff - Hobie can't think of everything, you know.

    2. A better question is why is Hobie there? To fleece and shear the sheep.

    3. Well, it is an ugly job but someone has to do it. Else wise who would keep Raye in dog dishes?

  2. I believe that you have finally cracked their armor Melinda.

    I know I personally have put your timeline information into the hands of anyone and everyone who was willing to read it that also reads RMN.

    It has been really cool to watch how firm you are in your resolve. It honestly has inspired me. Here's a fun fact.

    I found your blog from a post that Raye the Scam Queen of Oh-My-Money-Is-Gone made on RMN. Foolish as she is, I suppose I must thank her again for providing me with a path to the truth.

    Thank you, and Blessings to you and those you care about.


    1. Thanks, J! Knowing that is heart-warming. I suppose I should thank Raye but that is not going to happen.

      The truth has always been my salvation.

  3. The whole RumorSwillnews hook was bringing you info that cannot be found elsewhere. How is that working out for you Hobie?

    Per Rayelans begging page:

    Without our RMNews family, we could not have survived for 19 years and continued to bring you the hidden information our secret governments do not want you to know.

    1. That is another characteristic of psychopaths. They chew up their families first. Yum, yum.

    2. And that explains why she kept insisting I was like a sister to her.