Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Agent 86 Says, "Reader suggests Raye with her $7000 per month income apply for low income assistance. Idiocy? Ignorance? Delusion?"

What do you think?  

How nice of Susoni to help.  But the problem with Raye applying for assistance is that they agencies all talk to each other  and get on the phone when they find someone who is lying about their income.  And Raye's traceable income is $7,000 a month not counting the money from her scams.   So this otherwise good advice will only get her into trouble.  

So, is Susoni a fellow scammer or just still deluded? 

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CGI's HotCoffee: Raye, this might help-Ashtabula County assistance programs. Find assistance with bills and expenses
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Sep-2015 20:27:38
From CGI's HotCoffee:
I needed help with my electric one time.
I payed it back by growing veggies and giving them to the food bank.
Ashtabula County assistance programs.
Find assistance with bills and expenses
One organization to turn to is the Ashtabula County Community Action Agency. Call them at (440) 997-1721. They have grants and funds that can be used to pay heating bills. Two options are the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and the Winter Crisis Program (WCP). These programs will help even more Ashtabula County residents this year as the program has expanded. The eligible income level for HEAP assistance is now 200 percent of the national income poverty guidelines, which is up from a 175 percent level that was in effect last year.
The Winter Crisis Program provides a one-time cash grant payment per heating season for gas or electric utilities. Or the grant can be used to pay for the delivery of propane, wood, heating fuel oil or kerosene to households when a customer’s gas or electric service has been disconnected; the customer has less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel; or a customer has received a final disconnect notice.
If you make appointment, you can also delay your utility service from being disconnected. As once an appointment is made via the automated call in number above, the utility disconnection will be suspended as long as the customer submits the account number for the utility company. So this will provide you more time to apply for aid and get your bill paid off.
Several other programs are offered by ACCAA to low income families in the Ashtabula County region. While they will try to provide financial aid for a number of needs, in some case only referrals or information is available.
A key focus is on solving rent and housing issues, and the New Hope Supportive Housing Program helps with this. The agency can provide eviction prevention, emergency funds to pay rent, and assistance with security deposits. Supportive housing and aid, or loans, from the Emergency Food and Shelter program are offered.
Free food, including meals, is for seniors, children, and the disabled. A home delivery service is offered for the homebound, or Ashtabula County Community Action Agency also processes applications for food stamps and WIC.
Some other services include Head Start, free fans during the hot summer months and more. Click more Ashtabula County Community Action Agency programs.
Another place that can help is the Salvation Army Jefferson Service Unit. Dial (440) 997-5614. It offers county residents a variety of assistance and ways to get help with bills. The Jefferson Unit has seen an unprecedented number of individuals and families who need emergency funds to help with paying a variety of bills, including medical bills, prescription costs, medicines, clothing and they even offer a used appliance replacement program.
Anyone who applies for, and tries to receives assistance of any kind from the Salvation Army will be screened for residency and income, and they must also meet various criteria that is based upon certain income levels. Continue with Salvation Army Ashtabula County and Trumbull assistance programs.
Get free food from the Ashtabula Dream Center. Call them at 440.998.3732. The charity organization operates a soup kitchen as well as food bank and also offers free clothing to the needy in the surrounding area.
Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County (call 440.992.2121) provides local residents with access to emergency assistance, financial literacy, rent help and housing counseling, representative payeeship and guardianship for individuals and families. Also learn about Ohio Section 8 housing vouchers.
Country Neighbor Program offers services including home delivered and on site meals, homemaker services for the elderly as well as transportation. The program also provides emergency financial assistance and grants, and also operates the food bank for area food pantries. Orwell, OH call 440.437.6311.
Pro-bono and free legal advice is provided from Legal Aid Society of Jefferson Ohio. Call 440.998.0722. Attorneys at the firm may be able to secures justice and resolves fundamental problems for those who are low income and vulnerable. Access legal advice for housing and foreclosure, consumer debt, and other non-criminal issues. Lawyers are providing quality non-criminal legal services and working for systemic solutions to the court system.


  1. The representative payeeship and guardianship for individuals and families sounds like a service that Swindler Rayelan sorely needs. Can't have her losing the rent money on the way home from the bank every month.

  2. At least now we know who to call next time Rayelan claims to be with out electricity or food or transportation, time for a welfare check, can't have an elderly woman living in those substandard conditions now can we?

    1. Let's!!!!!!! They will go out and check on her and decide she needs to go into assisted living when they see how she lives.