Monday, April 18, 2016

Did Rayelan MOVE to Drums, Pennsylvania?

Well, that is definitely Rayelan the less than Magnificent.  Has she moved her pert little self to Drums?  Did a potental victim live there?  

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March 16, 2017
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March 16, 2006
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January 15, 2016

Allan, Rayelan
   care of Network Solutions
   PO Box 459
   Drums, PA.  US  18222

   Domain Name: RAYELAN.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Allan, Rayelan
      Rumor Mill News
      care of Network Solutions
      PO Box 459
      Drums, PA 18222

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   Record created on 27-Nov-2006.
   Database last updated on 23-Apr-2010 07:45:09 EDT.

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  1. I can't believe she moved without all the usual send money drama. Her 5 storage units of junk? Lazy as she is, maybe she is paying the deadly handyman and the fired Angel to liquidate on Ebay for a split of the proceeds. I guess the mortality rate for old coots in Drums, Pennsylvania will be going up.

    1. She might have found a credulous reader or person from another scam there and have them picking up her mail and sending it to her. But that may be stretching it. I wonder if the Manchesters are helping her out? Does Rayelan the Loose have a PO Box in Los Angeles?

  2. If she starts telling lies about being a direct descendant of the great pioneering Drum family we will know she has moved her scam to a new and potentially lucrative physical location.

    Just to save her the trouble:

    18th century

    The village was originally named "Drum's" after the Drum family, whose members developed the village's first school, post office, hotels, churches, roads, and businesses. Family members held positions as pioneers, land developers, justices of the peace, postmasters, school presidents, educators, tailors, shoe makers, Lucerne County sheriff, hotel proprietors, lawyers, and Pennsylvania state legislators.[1] The founders of Drums were the Drum family.

    1. Interesting. She used to talk a lot about the Crow family, though her own family is only connected because her sister married one of the descendants. But with Rayelan the Rowdy, who knows what will strike her as impressive?

    2. She also claimed to be a direct descendant of some early California pioneering family, maybe a Donner party descendant, I can't really remember, except that she bragged of it often just about the time she was girding everyone else's loins to move to Ohio.

    3. She told me, and made much of it, she was descended from the Rhodes family. Could be, there are a lot of them. Later, she told me her line was from an illegitimate connection. I believe that.

  3. The satanic line? THAT I would believe.

    1. The rest of her family seem to be normal and respectable. it is tragic for normal people to have someone like her as a relative. But Rayelan is definitely an imp direct from Hell.