Saturday, April 16, 2016

Says Agent 86, "How did I miss this? Hot Fat Pants Darlene has snared another victim?"

Rayelan is such a card.  All of her 'marriages' have been strictly aimed at the money.  Dr. Dyer divorced his wife of many years to marry her - wonder if she told him she was preggers to accomplish that.  Then she tells the story they were getting back together when he suddenly, and oddly, died.  She told me Dyer's son-in-law did him in so they could maintain control of his estate, but somehow it seems more likely Rayelan would have had motives for wanting him dead.  But it is always a drama with her in the virtuous, starring role.  Always. 

And Gunther!  She abandons him in Austria, the Love of Her Life, and returns to the USA with the comment he will get treatment for his alcoholism in prison so it will be good for him.  What happened to Gunther being installed - crowned as the Arch Duke of Austria?  Must have been a conspiracy, right? 

She immediately begins begging for money from the folks at Phoenix Project, who finally have the penny drop and stop helping her.  And Gunther dumps her for another woman. 

But Rayelan can weave a romance out of these sordid events.  Wow.

And Major David Kooker, who she married a very short time later, leaves her with medical benefits, the Jeep and?  I suspect there was more.  Ahhhhh!  Romance and true love, Rayelan style as Princess of Obergon.  Oy!  She should be shipped back to Crows Landing and reality.  

Who would believe this?  Right, RMN Contributors. 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
When I read this I had feelings of deja vu to the inth degree
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 23-Jan-2016 04:30:29
Valiant, Thank you so much for posting this. It was like an ancient wake up call for me.
The song is also very important, but as yet I have not been able to connect all the pieces, I just know in my heart and soul that something very great and magnificent was passed to me through the song and what you wrote.

I awoke from a wonderful sleep next to my soon to be husband. I was crying. I know not why. I silently slipped out of bed, being careful not to wake him. I wandered through my half dark and cluttered house which is filled with vintage wares I sell on ebay.
The house was cold. Our area is experiencing record cold. I turned the heater up and poured myself a bowl of bran flakes. Where could I find a place to sit and eat them? The only place that has room for a bowl and a chair to sit in was my desk. I cleared a spot for the bowl and sat down to read the latest articles on RMN.
The first article I read was yours, Valiant. But before I read it, I listened to the song... over and over again. It was like magic. It was as if the song had been written for me... another me... in another time continuum. It was as though a stream from another time and place had reached out across the combined universes and touched me... touched my heart, my soul, my very being as well as all the other lives I have lived on earth and in the stars. It was as though a mega star birth experience had just occurred and I had been privliged to attend the ceremonies and watch the new being come into form and structure and life as it is known in this part of the combined universes.
Your choice of music and the words you wrote were all too familiar to me... even though I had never even heard the name of the song before, much less listened to it... but on this night... I listened over and over until the song spoke to me about all that is important on this world and in the combined universes. It spoke to me of love and the bonds an enduring and ageless love can create... bonds that can propel the human spirit forward and allow it to do feats that it never believed possible.
Such is true love... Just as a mother bear will fight heaven and hell to protect her cubs... so will a love struck human fight the gods and Creator to protect the blossom of love that hangs around the neck of their intended. Love indeed conquers all... and love is the foundation on which our world is built.
Your words filled my mind while at the same time thousands of shards of light kept bursting from my brain... each shard carried a special kind of energy that I had never before known.
Valiant, I do not fully grasp what your story has done to me... maybe you don't really know either. What I do know is it touched something very deep in me and has made me realize that all is right in my world. I am on the right path. I have not strayed from my mission on earth...
Thank you so much for posting this. I pray everyone reads it.
Much love and light to you, your mother and to all our readers.
Rayelan... RA El ON


  1. "my half dark and cluttered house which is filled with vintage wares I might someday sell on ebay." has a ring of half truth to it, she should have mentioned gingerly stepping over the piles of dog poop for a little more realism. The part about every space being so cluttered that there was no where to eat her bran flakes, jelly donuts and bear claws rings true as well.

    1. I have the advantage of reality to affirm your imaged truths. At least now the piles of dog poop are from 'the boys,' Tobie and Max, which makes them smaller than those belonging to the lamented Buck, who was a sweet dog, though badly trained. he deserved better. It is amazing how Rayelan can spin romance out of an abode more suited for a reality show, for instance, "Hoarders."

  2. "When I read this I had feelings of deja vu to the inth degree" this post gave me feelings of deja moo to the inth degree in that I have read Rayelan's bullshit before

    1. Boy, me too. She never changes. Of course, psychopaths can't really change, not having souls.

  3. Fundscamming not going so well this month, looks like Rayeliar will be forced to plug in that computer and do some of her own begging. How dare those readers not pay the demanded tribute to the Royal Duchess of Denny's?

    Who among us could resist donating our hard earned money for this ground breaking news you can't use article like "NEW: The Hidden Templar Symbology of the OREO Cookie (views: 75)
    Lymerick -- Monday, 18-Apr-2016 06:31:34

    1. Oh, WOW. How can I resist stuffing money into the Fundrzr for something so exciting? It is incredible that today anyone, anyone, could still be taking these outrageous black paths to dead ends seriously. People. They just are. Let's hope it was a joke.

    2. Unfortunately the poster is as serious as a myocardial infarction and will never eat another oreo cookie. Meanwhile, the grifter in chief, Rayeliar has been promoting her templar secret of prosperity and this HorseShit:


      This Templar Secret of Prosperity
      Has NOTHING to do with money or being rich!

      Note From Rayelan:

      The True Knights Templars (KTs is what they call themselves), have many different secrets of prosperity. This version is the one, that on a soul level, I agreed to re-introduce to the world. This Templar secret has to do with being in a balanced and centered state.

      When you are balanced, centered and doing what God sent you to Earth to do, everything you need will be provided TO YOU, at the exact time, and not one second sooner!

      This Templar Prosperity symbol is NOT about getting rich. It is about having WHAT you need... to do WHAT you volunteered to do... BEFORE you came to Earth!

    3. Oh and one last thing:

      If you received this meditation because someone sent you the link, Please do the right thing and send your donation to:

      P.O. Box 5007
      Rome, Ohio


      If you would like to say Thank You for all the things that are given freely. You can Use Pay Pal to do so.

      This Templar Prosperity Symbol is registered!
      If you want to use it on something, please call Rayelan and work out an arrangment that benefits both of you AND the rest of your soul family.


      You'd think Mr anti-oreo would be getting a severe case of cognitive dissonance

    4. And the Better Business Bureau says, "This business is not BBB accredited.
      Rumor Mill News"

      PO Box 5007, Rome, OH 44085 View Additional Web Addresses

      Now, I wonder if she is still using it for her scamming?

  4. I wonder, sskids, just how many PO Boxes The Queen of Greed has now? Inquiring minds, you know.