Thursday, April 7, 2016

And the Whine Goes on, and on, and on........

Agent 86 sent along sad comments from those still deluged from the Fundrazr page which included the terse blubber below

"$2,527 Raised
84% of $3k goal
58 contributors
35 Days running
RMNews started on June 6, 1996. Who could have imagined... way back then, that 20 years later... RMN would still be around.  See Time Line
Thank you all for your continued support. Without you... RMN would not be here.
Let's see if we can go for another 20 years!!"

Now, what positive benefits have you, or anyone but the Denizen of Dennys and Hobie the Jeff Gordon of Atlanta, enjoyed due to the continued existence of RMN? Would the absence of RMN on the web impact you in any way - except prevent you from wasting your money supporting Rayelan's overgrown habits of consumption? Has the economy grown less corporatized?  Are politicians still lying?  Haven't things grown steadily worse?  

Tell us, what justifies the continuing to donate money to RMN? 

Also of interest is this comment, which I did not want you to miss....

"I always thought there was something wrong with all the money Rumormill news needed. It was bizarre that a grown woman could lose money on more than one occasion or not pay her bills. So I looked up info on her and found your site. I'm not the brightest bulb in the socket but I got right away that she was scamming people. It felt unethical and in poor taste on all counts. Just wanted you to know that I have caught on and I know there are more like me. Thanks for letting us know the "real" story!" 

It is my very real pleasure, Anonymous.  


  1. The Royal Duchess of Denny's closed out March ScamRazr without reaching her demanded $3000 tribute. Guess she will have to tighten her belt.

    1. sskids, watching Raye tighten her belt evokes memories of the grinding sounds brought forth from her girdle, which must be made from Titanium and is resistant to that process. Thank, the memory made me laugh out loud.