Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Liar, liar, Raye's Pants on Fire - A new meaning for Hot Pants Darlene!

Agent 86 said, "hundreds of thousands of readers? I don't think so, the stats typically show 70 or so readers on line and half of those are bots."

I have a suggestion.  Go look at the alternative news sources which have actually provided hard evidence and done the research on the issues you care about.  There are a lot of these and there are likely ones which RMN never covers at all, for instance the ongoing Mortgage Fraud carried out by the banks.

Get their RSS Feeds.  RMN does not generate any original content.  It is all stolen from elsewhere on the web, so you can get what you really want, free.  

If you visit and donate because you like Raye for some bizarre reason, or enjoy the camaraderie on RMN then ask the people you like having contact with to get in touch with you.  Just publish your email online.  You can use a new one to establish contact and then start communicating using one just for that purpose.  You can even put up a cheap website, a blogger, for nothing and socialize there!  And arrange to visit Raye in person so you really know who she is.  You should also swing by Atlanta Georgia and visit Jeff Gordon.  

And read this site's Time Line.  Time to ensure you waste no further money, right?   And if you invested in the Family Campground consider legal action to reclaim your money.  

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
I still need over $400.00 to pay the phone and internet bill
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 27-Apr-2016 09:22:06
I know times are hard and money is scarce, but if you love reading RMN you have to help me pay the bills.
I still owe the man who owns our server over $200.00. This needs to be paid asap.
The fundraiser widget shows only $1200.00 has been given by 18 people. Eighteen people are paying so hundreds of thousands can read RMN.
If you can give something, please do so asap so I can pay the server and then my telephone/cable bill. It's one thing for me to lose my internet... but if I don't pay the server... everyone loses RMN.


  1. Be sure and send Raye an email, but in order for it to be read, the subject line should hint at large donations that you'd like to bestow on the Swindling Grand Duchess of Denny's.