Saturday, July 4, 2015

UPDATE: A New Enterprise is in the Offing!

ORIGINAL:  The Always Stalwart Agent 86 discovered that Rayelan has been providing a helping hand to Theresa in her quest to renew the fundage flow.  Word in Disinformation quarters are that they are about to begin Team Teaching for a new generation of sites, with extension into social networking sites and through apps! 

COMMENT - We received a comment from Theresa who apparently did not understand the below was satire. What can we say?  We think the close parallels in fundraising between STA and RMN are hysterically funny, deserving the recognition of responsive humor.   This failure on her part (and we can just imagine the conversation which took place between Theresa and Rayelan) means it was not outrageous and funny enough, for which we apologize.

 We could, of course, run the posts by Rayelan and Theresa in parallel and point out in a more academic fashion the interesting similarities.  But we hoped readers would enjoy this approach far more.  We strongly doubt either of the persons involved, known as 'Theresa' and 'Rayelan, '  would train others for a market niche which is clearly collapsing.  We trust each is seeking training so they can find other employment.

NOTE!!!!!!  The below combination of elements from the postings of Rayelan (Rumor Mill News) and Theresa (STA) were strikingly similar and so Agent 86 combined them in obvious ways.  This is political humor, SATIRE, to be taken seriously only as political-cultural  commentary on the methods used by internet sites to garner donations with less than truthful pleas for help from sites believed widely to inject disinformation into the public dialog.

I need a thousand asap to keep the lights on and pay the mortgage!
I still owe the electric company almost $200.00  Everything should be sent to the post office box now so I hope I don't have that problem any longer and I pray that I can keep the electricity on.
The good thing about this house is that it stays cool which means I don't have to run air conditioners as much as I had to with the old house which means a lower electric bill.
I still have a mouse infestation. My two little dogs are part  cocker spaniels. Cocker spaniels were bred to control pest infestations on farms. Thank God I have them. The woman who owned their mother was trying to breed a miniature Cocker spaniel Retriever. Cleo, the one who looks and acts the most like a spaniel, has the perfect color for a Golden. Her brother Max has the perfect coat for a Golden. The shape of the coat looks just like a Golden's coat, but Max's coat is blonde not reddish.
Both Cleo and Max are rat hunters, but I have only seen Cleo actually catch and kill the mice. I can expect a dead mouse to greet me when I step out of bed each morning. While I am happy to have one more dead mouse, I cringe each morning for fear that I am going to squish the body of a dead mouse between my toes.
Here are my sleeping protectors...

I need to pay the electric company  $200.00 .
The mortgage is $650.00 plus the $150.00 for the new used car tires and another $100 for medications, er insulin. That's $1100. I have $100.00 in my bank account. A thousand dollars will keep a roof over STANews and keep the electricity on so I can use a computer.
Thank you so much for all the love and support you direct my way. I truly am humbled by it and much appreciative.
Here's the Fundrazr Widget!

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  1. I don't know if the previous post went through. But whoever sent you the above post has fabricated part of it. And in the name of journalistic ethics I thought you should know. Where your posting reads:" A thousand dollars will keep a roof over STANews", The actual post reads: "A thousand dollars will keep a roof over RMNews".
    STA receives NO funds or any other input from RMN. I told you before in a private email that I have not spoken to Rayelan since 2009. I used to post there (as did you) but I don't anymore and have not in years.

    STA is not affiliated with any other website, corporate or government entity of any kind.

    SO, your "agent 86" has sent you incorrect information. Please check the original RMN post to confirm. I only wish for everyone concerned to find the lives and happiness that they are looking for. Peace to you. Theresa Owner Surfing The Apocalypse