Thursday, July 2, 2015

And she had the money and DID NOT pay her bills.

Agent 86 sends on  another long whine, commenting, "Rapacious Rayelan did NOT scrape by on $6857, she did not pay her rent or her electric and she graces us with irrelevant trivia about her dogs and squatter mice."

And just for the heck of it, because I am very busy with more important matters at the money, the Reader can visit the links cheerfully provided to expose Rayelan for the liar she is.  

Need Your Help to Pay the Bills
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 2-Jul-2015 13:23:14
I need a thousand asap to keep the lights on and pay the landlord!!
I still owe the electric company almost $2,000.00 for all the months that the painters and carpenters were working on getting the house in shape to move in.
One must wonder why this stupid woman would rent a house which was so desperately in need of 'fixing up" when clearly this is the responsibility of the hopeful landlord.  But Rayelan spent thousands on the Bunker Hill house and overran the insurance money, provided to repair the kitchen in the wake of a flood, to such an extent she could not pay the loans she took out.  So, expect this behavior to continue forever - or until Rayelan goes to join Buck.  
I never received a bill during that time. I can only suspect that the freeloader who squatted for almost three years in the second floor of my home, was stealing the bills from my new house as she was for the old house.

Mail is not intended to be left out in the snow, Rayelan

Since I never took anything but my own mail from the mailbox this is just slander.  I was upstairs and had no way of knowing when the mailman arrived while Raye could see all action taking place from her office, which was immediately adjacent to the mail box, seen through the window.  And note she got the PO Box over a year ago and was forwarding her mail there from that time.  
Everything should be sent to the post office box now so I hope I don't have that problem any longer and I pray that I can keep the electricity on.
The good thing about this house is that it stays cool which means I don't have to run air conditioners as much as I had to with the old house which means a lower electric bill.
I still have a mouse infestation. My two little dogs are part rat terrier. Rat terriers were bred to control pest infestations on farms. Thank God I have them. The woman who owned their mother was trying to breed a miniature Golden Retriever. Toby, the one who looks and acts the most like a rat terrier, has the perfect color for a Golden. His brother Max has the perfect coat for a Golden. The shape of the coat looks just like a Golden's coat, but Max's coat is blonde not reddish.

Why does she continually repeat this not very interesting information?  Psychopaths always think anything and everything they do must be fascinating.  This is why she repeats herself over and over and over and over.  
Both Toby and Max are rat hunters, but I have only seen Toby actually catch and kill the mice. I can expect a dead mouse to greet me when I step out of bed each morning. While I am happy to have one more dead mouse, I cringe each morning for fear that I am going to squish the body of a dead mouse between my toes.
Here are my sleeping protectors...

I need to pay the electric company the new charges and $200.00 on the old charges.

The rent is $750.00 plus the $400.00 for the electric bill. That's $1150. I have $200.00 in my bank account. A thousand dollars will keep a roof over RMNews and keep the electricity on so I can use a computer.

And she paid this for a house which needed thousands in upgrades and improvements, for which RMN Readers PAID.  And she is RENTING.  If you send her a cent you are an idiot.  
Thank you so much for all the love and support you direct my way. I truly am humbled by it and much appreciative.

Psychopaths will say anything to get what they want.  They don't think of it as lying because they can't understand the concept.  
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Fork over, Stupid!


  1. Oh yeah, that $2000 electric bill for 5 months is $400 a month. LOL RIGHT! The old farm house, beautified now, has electric heat? But the dear friends and workers left doors and windows open in the winter and spring? Funny she never mentions paying for those full PODS sitting there, or the money she owes the lawyer for NOTHING. Just cracks me up. ~dmh

  2. Attorneys have very little tolerance for not being paid. But in this case what is he going to take? RMN, perhaps? Time has a way of revealing the truth. - Let it be so!

  3. Why are the readers expected to pay for Rayelan's rent and utilities? Those are her personal expenses, she would be paying them anyway, site or no site. Don't try to tell me it is RumorSwindleNews headquarters either, because that amounts to a computer, that she only uses to scam money from the rubes.

    1. sskids, What?!?!? Waste Rube Money on bills???? Rayelan has enlarged her vistas for spending from the time she PROMISED, PROMISED, her expenses would go down as soon as the move to Ohio was made. (See previous three part explanation of the BEGINNING MAJOR from the RubeRavisher - Rayelan) There are three parts.
      And she can take care of business at the library for no cost at all. And since she only whines for money why do you care if she posts anything?

  4. What makes you think I care if she posts anything?

    1. I don't. I know you would be delighted it she just went back to Mars!