Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Agent 86 rides again! More Hobie " Get with the real issues in the world" how does he find the time? Excusing Rayelan's fraud, deceit, theft, libel and slander is a full time job."

Well, it is nice Hobie-Jeff has a hobby - but this is not the stuff which will change the world.  I am always perplexed when I see someone who is supposedly dedicated to substantial action lolly-gagging and spending their time in something only for their own entertainment.  

That was one of things which disgusted me with Raye, too.  Coordinating the dog dishes was a huge item for her.  

hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:03:14 NEW: 1960 - TOMMY EDWARDS, "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW" (views: 41)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:15:50 NEW: 1968 - O.C. SMITH, "LITTLE GREEN APPLES" (views: 44)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 19:24:20 NEW: 1968 - LEMON PIPERS, "GREEN TAMBOURINE" (views: 42)
NaturalWisdom -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 21:08:26 
1992 - ANGEL VOICES, "BAILERO" (6 mins) (views: 63)
hobie -- Tuesday, 28-Jul-2015 04:21:21

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  1. Well, thank God she now only has two sets to coordinate, it will free up some badly needed time to " Get with the real issues in the world".