Friday, July 17, 2015

The Rayelan Effect - If her mouth is open she is lying

Thanks Agent 86!  If Rayelan had 'forgotten' to pay her bill for three months it would have been turned off.  She already told you she is making payments of $200 a month on the $3,000 balance she ran up while she explains, providing living space to the 'painters" AKA Angel and the Deadly Handyman, who were painting the OTHER house she was renting and on which she therefore was obligated to pay rent every month while the painting went on.  

If that makes sense to you then perhaps you have a future in the world of fantasy.  

If she had missed the server payment they would have turned it off and the world would finally be Rumor Mill News Free.  That did not happen so she is lying.  Not that Rayelan ,the Unconnected to  Reality, ever does anything but lie.  

Now, the interesting question.  Her electricity is on for the moment. Why has she not been online making up scam lines to bilk her Readers?   Odd.

For a  moment let's speculate. 

Could it be that she got a job and does not have the time?  Nope.  Could it be that Gunther returned to her loving arms?  No one would believe THAT.  

Could it be someone told her for some unknown reason not to lie for a while.  Perhaps the Attorney General is looking into the Dinar action.  Or maybe the IRS finally caught up with her and she is too busy inventing records to spare the time.  This is all speculation, of course.  What do YOU think?  

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 17-Jul-2015 07:24:17
I did not know that I had forgotten to pay for my server for the last three months.
If I do not make an attempt to at least pay this month and last month, Rumor Mill News will cease to exist.
I also need $300.00 to make a payment on my $2,000 electric bill, I will be without electricity.
I have nothing of value left to sell or I would pay this myself.
It's up to you. Do you want to save RMN or do I just let it go?
Here's the widget. It's up to you.


  1. Emailed to the "publisher" (but of course she won't respond)
    I for one of at least ten believe it is time for this site and you to say ciao. Your "service" has mostly confused and rendered people helpless. There are plenty of other sites that "provide" the same type of information for free.
    Just think, you won't have to lie and come up with new excuses why you need at least 3 grand extra a month! It will be freeing for you.

  2. I am very sure that in the last three months there were several begs specifically for 'server' money. RumorSwill will NOT cease to exist, it is how she scams money for her proliferate lifestyle. She has already bilked the Rubes for $1400 this month, more than enough to pay that mythical electric bill and the server bill. Is she claiming her 5 storage units, much like RumorSwillNews contain nothing of value?

    1. WEll, Skids, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. We need to remember Rayelan TOLD us she was headed toward wealth and financial stability through the value held in her stored stuff. She is going to start selling it. Someday.

      No, I think this is just another one of her less dramatic cons to loosen the purse strings of her more credulous, and perhaps memory impaired Readers.