Sunday, July 26, 2015

Agent 86 says - "Hobie takes RMN to the next level, but only after the monthly scam goal has been reached. It is a game changer folks"

As yes, Hobie takes the lead because Rayelan, who is even more showing her  incompetence in coping with the most mundane and ordinary chores in life, was locked into the Goodwill last night with a pile of stuff she just could not wait to buy.  

But, honest, they will redesign RMN to - What?  The next level of the art of conning the Rubes? 

hobie -- Sunday, 26-Jul-2015 04:39:21
 1954 - The CHORDETTES, "Mr. SANDMAN" (views: 60)
hobie -- Sunday, 26-Jul-2015 04:44:57


  1. I am sick of this, I have been following your blog for a long while, and reading RMN even longer.

    Her scamming has simply gone off the charts to be ignored. On average 3000$ a month in donations to pay for a server that she conveniently forgets the bill for whenever it is past the 15th of any given month. (Have you noticed this?)

    Not to mention the fact that any tiny little inconvenience that comes her way she demands (albeit subtly) that her "readership" pay for her transgressions or "miscalculations of funds" is clearly a violation of some sort of tax law.

    I mean is she declaring this income on her taxes? I highly doubt it. If this blog were to fall into the hands of an auditor at the IRS, either anonymously by a more direct fashion this issue would be quickly shut down.

    So my question to you Melinda, why have you not taken that step. I appreciate everything you have done here, your ability to get to the core of the issue and provide solid, understandable facts with proof is something I have been amazed at time and time again. You speak with such conviction without belittling the readers responsibility to educate themselves further, and for that I am thankful.

    If you are indeed out to expose this scammer, perhaps the next step to proper authorities would be in order, coupled with a class action law suit filed against her for damages of taking money in lieu of fraud.

    ( I tried to be as eloquent as I could, but my grammar skills aren't as on par as my mouth )



    1. Dear J., I did report her to every authority I could think of. But since she is a CIA operative they may not prosecute her. You know, their operatives have a get out of jail free card, like the corporate raiders did. But we will see. Thanks for writing.

  2. More of the next level from Hobie

    1988 - DAVE GRUSIN, "SOME CHILDREN SEE HIM" (views: 25)
    hobie -- Monday, 27-Jul-2015 04:21:32

    1992 - MANHATTAN TRANSFER, "GOOD NIGHT" (views: 14)
    hobie -- Monday, 27-Jul-2015 04:23:08
    1998 - TOOTS THIELEMANS, "Adagio Assai from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G Major" by Ravel (views: 11)
    hobie -- Monday, 27-Jul-2015 04:24:54

    1. Perhaps we are doing them a disservice, skids. If reposting and stealing content actually seems creative to Jeff and Raye perhaps putting up like to music seems like genius. Maybe Jeff, on putting it up, creates some distorted sense of ownership for himself.

  3. If you think this is real begging. There are others who beg more (i.e. so-called Lord Rama and Tara over at BBSRadio 2 (over 1,200-1,500 per month for just the radio), and they also beg for their rent over a $1,000 a month and for water, gas utilities, other essentials, food and gas money -- claiming Rama has to travel over 20 miles out to get encrypted messages (unbelievable). They never really indicate how much they need or lie about it. Also car repairs and they have storage lockers for materials and belongings that have to paid for and also various subscription websites. (Also in the past people even paid for their vacations.) You name it and they ask for money. Now this is real begging.

    1. Jeff, clearly your CIA training missed t he issue of fraud i.e. lying. If some host wants to ask listeners to pay for their whatever, and they are honest about it, that may be in bad taste but it is not fraud. I know Raye is lying because I saw her begging posts and knew what she was saying was a complete fabrication. I was raised to tell the truth. Even little white lies were open for frank discussions at our dinner table. These were not lectures, they were discussions of values, the ways lying distorts your relationships with others and being your word. Being your word was a family standard for us.

      You and Raye, CIA scum that you both are, live a different set of values. If you can call them that.

      That is why the CIA could assassinate JFK and enforce silence by killing anyone who rocked their boat. When your values rule no one is free. Got it?