Sunday, October 4, 2015

How about contacting her relatives? Maybe one of them can take her in.

And Agent 86 commented,"RumorSwillSnooze about to go dark, after collecting $1500 to pay the $400 server last week, I forgot to pay the server, call the men in white coats."

It is tough to feel sorry for the 'Readers' who believe these lies.  Isn't it interesting how she can tell you exactly when she needs to pay but never does?  And what did she do with the money she just took in.  Taken in also applies to those starry eyed Readers, of course.  Thanks Agent 86!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
I need $400 to pay This Month's Server Bill - Or RMN Goes Dark maybe FOREVER!
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 4-Oct-2015 11:53:38
I forgot to pay last month's bill of $400.00. I am late by almost 20 days on this month's bill. I pay on the 15th. I owe our server owner $800.00.
If I do not pay him $400.00 asap we will lose all of the information that is posted on RMN and sadly, we will lose the best server we ever had. He may be a friend, but even friends have to be paid.
If you love RMN please contribute what you can so we don't lose RMN completely.


  1. I am very sure her relatives want no part of the old sociopath grifter, would you? I also think the money is for her rent which is due tomorrow.

    1. But they could consign her to a low cost facility and forget her. They would certainly like that. Oh, she has to lose the rent money, you know. That is a tradition now.

  2. Absolutely DISGUSTING I wish there was a way to get this website in the hands of her donor list.



  3. I did some digging into Fundrazr that the QUEEN OF SCAMMERS uses.

    Look at the little gem I have found for your archives Melinda. It shows every single monthly amount that she has made I haven't added it up.... But it begs the question, 400$ needed for this elusive server payment. But if you look on the first page of this link I have provided she has raised over 20k and that is just page 1.