Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Scamstress from Hell Emotes Again

Sskids sent this as a comment but it really deserves more attention
Sskids said, "Here is her one of her old 'bullshit' stories"
Repeating a lie over and over again does not make it true.   Raye is lying yet again on multiple issues to protect her scam.

Raye decided who will be able to participate and who will not.  Decisions are unilateral and no explanations are provided.  This is why the only 'Agents' are unpublished writers who are reposting the work of others without permission. The rules for fair usage are not followed generally and no comment is made by Raye as 'editor'  or 'publisher.'

Raye's pretenses have no bounds.  The well-respected Phoenix Project, which supported her and Gunther for a long time eventually realized they were being conned and cut the connection.  But they remained aware of what Rayelan was doing.

This article from August 25, 2004 lays out several of Rayelan's lies about her history, including her continuing claims of a relationship with Gunther Russbacher and how it ended. 

Much of her credibility hinged on that relationship, though it appears Russbacher was, himself a con-artist. 

 Rumor Mill News was started first as a print publication, following the example of Phoenix Project Journal.  When the internet became available Major David Kooker, who Rayelan had married in 1997, less than a year after Gunther dumped her for Jane.

Russbacher would have had no reason to help Rayelan and there is absolutely no proof any of his 'friends' were posting on RMN.  However, the security man for OITC state  that the  RMN  server was hosted on a CIA server farm in early 2012.  David Sale was on the conference call and heard this as well.

David Kooker paid to start the online publication, according to Rayelan.  She had married him because he had money and she needed it.  While Kooker was living the scams and pleading for money was minimal. 

        June 9 - A record is created through Network Solutions for the URL

       January 25 -   Rumor Mill News comes on line.  Rayelan is living in Watsonville,
                                 California, a middle class development outside of Santa Cruz.
       November 9 - Rumor Mill News is now consistently online and looks like THIS

       October 4     -  A record is created through Network Solutions for the URL
                                 RUMORMILLNEWS.NET.  The registrant is Rayelan Allen, PO Box 95,
                                 Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 because it was updated on January 2, 2014.
       December 1  - David Lee Kooker and Raye Allen Kooker take out a DBA for RUMOR
                                MILL NEWS in Santa Cruz County, California.

After David died in October of 2005 the scams came on hot and heavy.  

Rumor Mill News is an independent news website that has been around since 1996.... 19 years!! There are over 100 active reporters and writers who post their information on RMNews. Our writers are never censored except for pornography really bad language. See the whole story


Rumor Mill News is one of the oldest independent news websites. FALSE It was started in 1996 as a monthly news magazine. NO PROOF  My husband, the late Gunther Russbacher and his friends in the CIA, MI6 and other intelligence agencies were my sources.

In 1998 it went up on the web. We are not like the Main Stream Media or government funded sites. RMNews is totally independent. We rely mainly on donations from our readers.

First, RMN relied on Major David Kooker for funding.  Then it ran on begging and the cons associated with the 'Family Camping Ground,' supposedly being built in Ohio that disappeared taking with it tens of thousands of donor dollars still unaccounted for.  

RMNews is not like PBS or the BBC. We are NOT a propaganda arm of any government.

Rayelan was a fan of George W. Bush.  She has consistently associated herself as opposition with high level contacts.  Have you seen any proof this is true?  

RMN doesn't take kickbacks from the corporations that fund most of the mainstream media  and therefore the major media has to march to their drum beats.

Why would anyone give such a marginal and questionable operation kickbacks? Dinar scammers are not major corporations.  

Because we are independent we do not have to toe the party line, whether it be the government, or the war mongering corporate line. Of course this means we don't have corporate sponsors. This is why we rely on donations from our readers.

We have over 100 Independent RMNews Agents who find and report news around the globe.

Stealing content is theft, not a legitimate business.  

If you like what you see on RMN, please consider giving a one time donation to help us pay the bills we incur for this very large and independently owned website.

Google the articles you like and read them where they are paying the writers.  Do not enable theft. 

You can also sign up for a monthly subscription on the "subscribe" page:


Your subscription is a voluntary monthly donation to help Rumor Mill News stay on the web. There is no newsletter that is sent to your home. All of the information that our reporters discover is posted in the RMN Reading Room for all to read... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...



A monthly subscription is charged to your charge card or your Paypal account every month on the same day.

Thank you so much for being an RMNews donor. Without our RMNews family, we could not have survived for 19 years and continued to bring you the hidden information our secret governments do not want you to know.

Again, the lie about 19 years.  Subtract David Kooker and it is closer to nine.  What you will see is more sensational lies and claims for which Rayelan can provide no documentation what so ever.  

Hang in there with us, things are changing, we are about to make a very large leap. You will be very happy when the new site is complete.

Thank you so much,
Rayelan Allan, aka AKA Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, CA  Raye Allan Smith
Publisher, RMN


  1. Can you imagine giving that old grifter Rayelan access to your credit card through a monthly donation/contribution/subscription?

    1. They also need to be in assisted living, obviously.

  2. So, let's figure this out:
    Raye/Darlene/Rayelan/Scammer's income from the rubes, 3000 monthly
    Raye/Darlene/Rayelan/Scammer's income from her SSI and the Major, 3000
    Raye/Darlene/Rayelan/Scammer's income from subscriptions, checks, MO's,..1000+?
    Raye/Darlene/Rayelan/Scammer's income from ad revenue 1000+? ?

    I work too hard for this crap.

    1. She also claims to have a pension as a retired school teacher - English as a Second Language. She tried to get $26,000 for her 17 boxes of materials used for her classes. No one would even take them as a donation.

    2. It is her last husband's social security that Rayelan is collecting, the amount she would receive based on her earnings would be minimal, she is collecting widows benefits. She was eligible for widows benefits at age 60, so that would have been 2008. So after he died, she collected his military pension, her mother's social security, her new job paid for by California tax payers of paid caregiver of her mother, plus whatever scam money she was generating.

      In addition to the above, it appears that grifter Rayelan took a second mortgage/equity line on the property her husband bought in 2001 for $210,000, the same property was sold for $207,000 on 1-12-11.

  3. The scamming for money went into overdrive right after her mother died. Ever since then, the liar and grifter Rayelan seems to think she is entitled to a minimum of $3,000 per month from the 'lurkers' plus the advertising money. The great liar and heroic scammer, Rayelan is not even required to put any effort into the scam, just sit back and collect the rubes money. Rayelan is a miserable fraud, there is nothing about her to be admired, unless you are a sociopath.

    1. Yep. She was receiving money from the State of California for caring for her own mother. It was a hefty amount, from what she said. I don't remember the amount exactly.

    2. Yep, she quit her "english" teaching job right after her husband died. She often spoke of the great sacrifice she was making to quit her job and care for her mother full time to keep her from being placed in a convalescent hospital. She never once told the rubes of RumorSwill that she was being paid to do so, probably more money than she earned at her part time 'English as a second language' adult education job. So of course, the rubes were encouraged to give even more to the self sacrificing Rayelan. That lying scammer Rayelan, she is a real giver.

  4. Grifter Rayelan has never worked long enough any where to earn a pension unless you count inducing men to marry her so that when they die she can collect their pensions and social security benefits. Rayelan has spent remarkably few of her adult years working for a paycheck. Scamming though, she has spent most of her life on that type of 'work'.