Thursday, October 29, 2015

She's B...A...C...K Look what Agent 86 dragged in.

And his comment was, "An unbelievable tale of the laborious travails of our helpless heroine grifter, Rayelan PLEASE SEND MONEY NOW, and please do not notice that I have given no specifics as to why I need the money."

Would you let some mice keep you from getting to work, if it actually was much work to sit at your computer occasionally and whine for money?  Always vague reasons, always more, more, more.  Listen up.  Raye just admitted she has medical coverage.  Why was she always asking for more?  Her coverage is through her deceased husband, Kooker, and it pays for everything.  Raye told me so, boasted about it.  And she treated a trip to the hospital like a vacation, loved the attention and, I now know, loved the fresh energy sucks she could get from her attendants.  Think about that for a moment.  Raye  is also sucking on you. It was like she had gotten a hit on a drug every time she picked up the mail and found a check from one of you.  She looked like she was on drugs at that moment.  Creepy.  It was one of the things which made me start thinking about what was really going on.

The same thing happened when the money came through online.  So, you think about that.  Also, think about those feelings of confusion and weakness when she picks the money up.  Examine your meridian lines and points. Vampires drill in there to get more energy. 

For your own safety, do not give her money.  Protect yourselves.  And DEMAND to see the bills and know who she says she is paying. 

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
For All Who Have Asked... "Where ARE You?"
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015 09:05:03
I am at home in the new country house. The sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. If it were not for the mouse infestation this house would be perfect. But because of the mouse invasion, I have been spending my time hunting and killing mice. I think the tide may be turning for me because I no longer find mouse poop on my kitchen counters. I know there is at least one of the critters left because I saw him come out of one of my chest drawers. Neither I nor the dogs could catch him. A few hours later he was climbing up my drapes, which are behind my headboard, and making a beeline for the dog treats I keep on my nightstand.
The dogs went after him. Isn't it nice that my dogs are part rat terrier... Rat terriers were bred to hunt down rodents and kill them. And that is what they have been doing. In addition, I am catching them in a special trap that allows me either to catch and release somewhere else on the property, or catch and then drop in a bucket of water.
At first I was walking all the way to the end of the property... (11 acres)... and freeing them near the pond. Since this has been going on since May, I have given up catching and releasing. I now dump them in a bucket of water that I keep on the back porch for just such a thing.
Before I started actually killing them, I tried everything else I could find... from peppermint plants and peppermint essential oils, to trying to talk to the "mouse king" and telling him that his children are not welcome in my home. Nothing has worked completely.
I believe the mouse population has decreased because I no longer am finding their poop on the kitchen counters.
At somepoint in my mouse-daze, I started vomiting. I was able to stop it with some pills the doctor gave me... but the moment I was out of pills, the sickness returned. A friend who knew of the mouse infestation asked me if I had thought that my vomiting might be "rat bourne". Well, the cute little mice aren't rats... but they can also pass a "rat bourne" disease that causes you to throw up. At the moment I can't remember the name of it.
In addition to throwing up for months, I developed a flu-like illness. Cough... congestion... aches and pains. I know there is nothing that an MD can give for the flu or a cold so I just lived with it.... until it finally turned in to pneumonia.
I know that I was diagnosed with pneumonia one week ago because I just finished the 7 day antibiotic pack my doctor prescribed. Yes, there are times that those drugs which are made from things none of us want to know about... actually do some good.
Back when I believed I only had a bad cold, or at the most... the flu... I went to my chiropractor who offers a number of treatments... none of which are covered by my insurance. I really thought I was getting better so I continued with the treatments until one day I simply couldn't breathe. It must have been a weekend because I went to the ER instead of seeing my personal doctor who is an osteopath. That's how I found out I had pneumonia instead of the flu.
I am on the road to recovery. I believe my lungs are finally clear... but the exhaustion is mighty. It's all I can do to sit at this computer and write anything. And even when I do sit to write, I can't sit too long because I slipped on the stairs to the basement and bruised my tail bone. Evidently it takes a very long time for a bruised tailbone to stop bothering a person.
There, in a nutshell is where I have been and what I have been doing with my time.
I just checked my bank account and found that I am $800.00 overdrawn. When my Veteran's Widows Benefits arrive, I won't have enough left over to pay the rent or electric bill.
If the Fundrazr widget can be filled up to the $3,000 mark, I will have enough to pay the rent for the RMN office... aka... my house in the country... the electric bill and some more payments on the RMN server. I still can't believe I forgot to pay for the server for almost four months.
If you can help asap, it will mean the world to me.
Thank you so very much!


  1. Still peddling the lie about her free server, of course she forgot to pay a bill that does not exist. Does anyone care about her mouse infestation? Does anyone care about her imaginary illness? Perhaps she should move to assisted living facility!

    1. Help for Raye Allan Smith is at hand! She can go to the Senior Center on Main Street for a free lunch Monday - Friday and Catholic Charities will help with that electric bill. Also, the nice people at the Senior Center were sorry no one helps with overdrafts but said she should monitor her account everyday at Huntington because they will waive the fees if it was really a mistake. Also, Senior Assistance, if the issue is Alzheimer's of some other condition, is definitely possible.

  2. Ah yes, the well planned orchestration comes to play on October 29, the last day of preparation for the Satanic sacrifice coming in two days. We all know who the victims are, don't we? The high-priestess of Denny's has vaporized in time to spin her web of lies, and re-hashed tales of woe. Just a note, the over drawn bank account excuse? Getting a little old. Most of us in the real world know that by now, her account would be closed and reported to CHEX systems. Does she live in a parallel universe? Her monthly tithe from the Major would have been seized for late fees. Her tales ask you to suspend belief. This is one seriously, demented and evil woman. And this is her time of the year. She pushed the coffin cover open and is back to prey upon the weak minded. Beware of the shadows, and your bank account. She's coming to getting you, and her faithful hunchback Hobie-gor, is just behind.

    1. Too bad we do not have a photo of Jeff. Does anyone live in the Atlanta area? Perhaps we could get one.

  3. Does Catholic Charities have any help for an old grifter who routinely defrauds her readers in order to induce them to send her their money? How about help for the following foolish rubes?

    Anonymous gave $500

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    Kathy gave $25

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    Anonymous gave $20

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    Anonymous gave $10

    Be well, Raye. We really miss you here at RMN. Your input is so popular with readers AND agents!! Having major Lyme issues lately - wish I could afford more.

    1. He should try living with her and then say he misses her.

  4. How many times is she going to lie about having pneumonia? She has been claiming it every couple of months for the last four years. The same with her mysterious vomiting disease, how come she is so FAT? Why is she always claiming to be $800 overdrawn? If she were actually that much overdrawn that often, the bank would close her account.

    1. sskids, perhaps there is some esoteric significance to the $800 of which we are unaware. The lady from Senior Services who looked over the site thought Rayelan might not be telling the truth. Rayelan said really nasty things about Huntington and after the lady told me they are nice about rescinding overdraft charges that seemed like a very wrong thing for Rayelan to have said. Rayelan always claimed to have pneumonia when she did not want to do something. But it was always over as soon as the Goodwill store opened. And it is too bad no one is there now to send a photo of her. What do you want to bet she had gained weight?

  5. No way! She said she has been hiking her 11 acre farm several times daily for her catch and release rodent eradication program.
    What with the vomit disease and the pneumonia she must be skin and bones by now or ready to run a 10k! You don't think she would lie about something like that do you?

    1. She can't help lying, it is automatic. Psychopaths lie when there is no reason to do so. But I have seen her 'hike' It is a waddle and very, very short. Psychopaths do not take care of their health. Craig, with all the money in the world, never dieted he had liposuction and ate like a pig.knowing he was diabetic.

    2. That was a rhetorical sarcastic question, Rayelan lies about everything.

    3. I know. My comment was for Readers who missed previous posts. Thanks!

  6. How many times do we have to hear about "Isn't it nice that my dogs are part rat terrier... Rat terriers were bred to hunt down rodents and kill them". She has told us this at least a dozen times, I was not impressed the first time but I would be if the retriever part of her dogs were bringing the rats back when fatso was busy reading tabloids or applying layers of makeup and not paying attention to her untrained mutts.