Monday, October 5, 2015

Strategy CIA Style - "Send in the assassins."

Agent 86 commented on the latest post by Hobie, "strategizing? what goes on in the sooper secrete lounge? why not just email/call each other? tension brewing between the two?"

It makes perfect sense they would use the place.  Afterall, now many 'Agents' are left to get in their way?  
Now, what is their 'strategy?'  To tell more lies?  That has really worked for them. (Not)  Make false police reports?  What advice did Morgan, Craig, The Duke and Duchess, Karl Rove, John Fund, Dan O'Dowd, Dave Chandler, Dick Cheney et al give them?  

We'll let you know.  

What Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zap - Zapper said was,"
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