Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sskids does research - In case you missed this in comments.

How about those lies Rayelan the Magnificient tells?

It is her last husband's social security that Rayelan is collecting, the amount she would receive based on her earnings would be minimal, she is collecting widows benefits. She was eligible for widows benefits at age 60, so that would have been 2008. So after he died, she collected his military pension, her mother's social security, her new job paid for by California tax payers of paid caregiver of her mother, plus whatever scam money she was generating.

In addition to the above, it appears that grifter Rayelan took a second mortgage/equity line on the property her husband bought in 2001 for $210,000, the same property was sold for $207,000 on 1-12-11.

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