Friday, November 28, 2014

Mail is not intended to be left out in the snow, Rayelan

Over the past several days the weather has been exceedingly inclement, with snow coming straight onto the patio and reaching the door.  This is the area where the mailbox attaches to the house, right next to the front door.  

Directly under the mail box, a small metal appendage which provides little shelter, is a small round table which, honestly, was never intended to be left out in the weather.  But, no matter, it is not mine and so this is not my problem.  The small table will weather into shards and no one will weep. Ms. Smith will, doubtless, dispose of the wreckage by dumping in the trash, which has received so many other objects which received similar treatment.    

I check for mail each day when mail is delivered, generally.  Sometimes I miss, but no one is perfect.  

However, since I was expecting an important letter early this week I checked assiduously  each day.   The awaited missive arrived with the first response on a FOIA I have filed on Tuesday, having been mailed on November 19th.  

Delivery was none to fast, but we live with the faltering response time of the Postal Service because we must. I have not chatted with the FOIA Officer and we agreed on some guidelines. 

I had told them I would prefer to receive responses via email, which generates no paper and costs less, but, alas, they ignored the request. 

In the mailbox there was some accumulation of advertising, which does not interest me and is directed to Ms. Smith when it is not to RESIDENT. 

But since she may well be interested having a vast accumulation of catalogs along with the tabloids she so enjoys by her toilet, in my experience, I leave it for her to decide what she will do with it.  

My awaited missive regarding the FOIA actually had managed to slip into this copious collection of advertising.  Upon extracting it I noticed a letter to Ms. Smith which noted tax documents were within.  These must be retained for the attention of one's Tax Professional, in my experience.  

Along with the adverting I returned it to the mailbox. 

Thursday, being Thanksgiving I did not look.  But today mail was again delivered.  I would have looked in the box but someone had taken the mail out and left it on the very damp table under the mailbox.  

Since I am tired of the slanders and libels from Ms. Smith accusing me of stealing her mail it occurred to me this could be one of the reasons she can't find it, though the dogs and her slovenly habits are far more likely to be the cause.  

However, mail left on that table in inclement weather could also blow away.  So I took a photo of it.  Then, realizing you, Gentle Reader, could not see where it was situated I  took another photo.  Both of these are below.  

Image No. 1- letter, Personal and Confidential, now damp.  In the picture you can see through it slightly.

Image No. 2 - Letter with accompanying advertising, waiting to be rescued. 

Someone who does not mind  irrational and shrill responses should explain these matters to Ms. Smith. 


  1. It is most likely one of these notices: It would be just too bad if paypal shut her account because someone 'stole her' mail. Other tax notices don't go out until after the year is over.

    The following notice was sent out by EBay warning people that the IRS is matching records now between internet companies to make sure you pay taxes on selling any old stuff. EBay wrote:

    We are writing today with an urgent message in regards to PayPal account(s) associated with your eBay account.

    The IRS recently notified PayPal that the legal business name and/or Taxpayer Identification Number (also known as a TIN) on one or more PayPal account(s) associated with your eBay account does not match what the IRS has on record. If this discrepancy is not corrected, in order to comply with applicable regulations, PayPal will limit the affected PayPal account(s). If these PayPal account(s) are limited, you will not be able to receive payments to these PayPal account(s).

    1. Thanks for the insight! That certainly explains matters. I have suspected for a long time Ms. Smith does not actually file taxes but depended on the inattention of the State to online commerce to make it unnecessary for her to do so.

      Alas, her expectations will be, again, disappointed.

  2. Goodness! Does this mean she will have to pay five years of taxes to the City of Ashtabula as well? Here is the address 4717 Main Ave #2, Ashtabula, OH 44004, (440) 992-7104 -