Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Agent 86 said, "More fractured fairy tales from grifter Raye"

Rayelan is using the now well understood strategy of 'just keep lying.'

This nearly always works because very few people either bother to do research themselves or, as is true with most emotionally normal people, trust those who are familiar to them.  

Raye has been around for a long time and had told the same lies over and over 

Look over the narrative below, which Raye has attempted to sell for decades. 

"Rumor Mill News is 20 years old. When it started in 1996 it was intended to become a worldwide newspaper. It would be printed in Mexico then brought to San Diego to be mailed out. My partner in the newspaper magazine was my husband at the time, CIA whistleblower Gunther Russbacher."

Gunther dumped Raye after he was arrested in Europe for committing fraud against multiple credulous people.  Money not intelligence was the couple's goal.  There is no evidence Gunther was ever involved in RMN.  He was, in fact, in a relationship with another woman, who he married.

"Gunther supplied at least 80% of the information in the print editions of RMN. But in December of 1996 he disapeared. When he reappeared months later he had no memory of ever being married to me. He later married a British film maker during a strange trip to Mexico after which he sneaked into the United States, was arrested and held for deportation." 

One can judge information after the fact by seeing if it proved to be true.  None of the 'leaks' Raye supplied from her 'sources' proved to be true, bur appear to be planted disinformation. 

"For the next 10 or so years, I would continue to receive inside information from SEALS and other operatives that I had met during the time Gunther and I were together. It seemed that "someone" wanted RMN to continue... and continue we have."

 None of the exciting revelations proved to be true.  However, Raye was very motivated to have RMN work so she could live on the money generated from donations by the credulous. 

"We now have an army of reporters worldwide who can post their stories any time of the night or day without sending them to an editor for approval. 
When Rumor Mill News started, it was called RMNews. It even had a section for humor called Humor Mill News. That is one thing I have tried to starte online, but I've never had the time to work on it."

There are no 'reporters' associated with RMN only Reposters (Agents) who ae encouraged to snag the work of others are repost these articles, some of them interesting and even accurate, on the RMN site.  Rye is not  witty person so it is no surprise the humor did not work. 

"Why have I never had the time? Because I am too busy trying to earn the money for all the bills and for food too. Recently I have been missing from RMN and that's because I am getting ready to sell on eBay. If you want to see what I am selling I will soon be creating my own ebay page for RMN."

Raye's life is a steady round of hunting through the Salvation Army store to buy 'treasurers.'  This is why she needs all that storage. 

"Many years ago I said that if people had no money to donate to RMN but had something I could sell on ebay to please send it and I would sell it. If you are in that category, my address is:

People sent Raye lots of things, which she sold but the money went for meals out and her endless acquisitions of 'treasurers.'  A full set of 100 books on the JFK assassination which she said she received as a donation sat and gathered dust.  Raye never read a single book and was astonishingly  ignorant on the issues.  

But, rest assured, Raye wants your money so her life style can continue. 

P.O. Box 95
Ashtabula, Ohio 44010

I thank all my my readers. Without you there would be no RMNews. You have my unconditional love and respect.
Most Humbly,
Raye Smith
aka Rayelan Allan"

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