Thursday, April 13, 2017

Agent 86 sends news! "the rubes are wising up, but not to hobie's scams"

Thanks, Agent 86!  Yes, Hobie, who once lingered in the background with his alternative pseudonym of Zapper an Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia carefully concealed is writing yet again about activity on the "Poofness" site.  You can find the site and sign up for updates directly, see?   Front Page, with signup

Your present problems are a failing economy and the well-founded prediction the standard of living for Americans will fall by 1/3 this year.  

The major oil companies have now taken control of the Iraqi oil fields, which were the hope on which a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was founded.  Prosecution for promoting and selling these Dinars are now in process. 

Any major financial collapse holds the potential for loss of food supplies.  Plant a a garden and organize locally to support your common needs. 

Now, tell us about the value exchange you have had over the years with RMN and its 'owners' Rayelan A. Smith and Hobie AKA Jeff Gordon of Atlanta Georgia.  If one of their suggestions paid off, tell us about it.  If one of them reached out to you in need tell us about that, with details, naturally.  (We all have witnessed the constant inventive narrative (I did not call it calloused lies) which appear in their pleas for money.  

Incidentally, did you know 24% of major purchases have always ended up failing due to the natural and unavoidable events which can hit all of us?  Major disease, your own or a loved one,  loss of  employment, accidents, personal, natural or orchestrated by those in power, and more disrupt our lives.  

Yet our present financial infrastructure is predicated on a system for borrowing which makes the impact of these events unavoidable.  That said, consider closely how to best use your money and remember to ask Rayelan about your personal space in the RMN Family Campground!  She will be delighted to her from you.  And Easter On!

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 12-Apr-2017 15:26:22
In Response To: POOFness for APR 11: THE FINAL DELAY (hobie)

Hi, folks -
FYI, I receive emails frequently from Readers who are firmly convinced that Zap and the projects he speaks of and his open pleas for donations to assist others are all some kind of scam.
I don't usually post those, because, frankly, they don't get us anywhere useful, and the majority of RMN Readers are well able to decide for themselves whether to treat the matter as a scam or not, without need of someone else to point out to them the possibility that it might be a scam.
Here are two such emails I've received today. Please don't bother writing me just to chime in with "I think so, too!" It's unlikely I'd post those unless they actually have something new and useful to say:
The question everyone is asking is: when will this never-ending story finally come to end? Most readers realise of course that it is a long-standing internet scam, but there must come a time when the financial return that Zap (=Jerzy) receives, even from the steadfast believers, drops to a level where it is not worth the effort of penning increasingly more preposterous lines of fiction. We must be coming to that happy conclusion soon.
The very next week hobie will post the latest excuse of the week.
At what point do you acknowledge this is a scam?

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