Sunday, April 23, 2017

Grifter Raye can't bother with a post begging for Hobie's urgent need for his monthly allowance, so Hobie recruits his sidekick to do the job

And Agent 86 hits another nail on the head of this scamming crew who refuse to provide any transparency what-so-ever.  You know, they claim they are soooo critical to saving the world that their reposting must continue no matter what.  

Let's hear what great insights you received on the badnicks which allowed you to secure your future!  Tell us about those exciting posts where dauntless authors - not reposting agents, gave you valuable information which you followed. 
Or, tell us if you just keep reading because this is your only social life, or, perhaps, you are fascinated to see what will happen next.  

Thanks Agent 86!  Lovely to read you again!   

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Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 12:28:52

A Wonderful day to you and yours!
I'm coming forward to ask all of the Rumor Mill News readers for help in buying Hobie some groceries and to pay a few utility bills this month. A few months ago, he lost his earnings due to an ad company misadventure. Since then he has been working here for free and falling further and further into the red zone each month.
Hobie is the backbone of Rumor Mill. He works more hours in one day then most people do in two or three. Without him, we'd be lost. There would be no website coder or one of the other dozen things he does daily for RMN. This isn't about RMN it's about helping one of our own get back on his feet.
If you feel so inclined, would you consider a gift of $20.00, $30.00 or more for this worthy cause. Please help Hobie and make your generous paypal donation to
Thank you so much for your time and your generosity. Let's make this the best month ever for a man who deserves so much more!!
We Love You Hobie!!


  1. So if "Hobie is the backbone of Rumor Mill. He works more hours in one day then most people do in two or three. Without him, we'd be lost. There would be no website coder or one of the other dozen things he does daily for RMN.", why are the rubes paying do-nothing grifter-Raye?

    1. Sskids, thanks for the very On Point insight. Raye's utility is definitely severely limited, For the sake of her two poop-producing dogs -if Max and Tobie have survived - let' hole she is still feeding them. When I was there they were fed the most expensive meals RMN Readers could afford.

  2. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Thanks Very Much :)

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 24-Apr-2017 19:17:04

    Hi, Everyone -

    A big "Thank you!" to Susoni for this:

    Susoni -- Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 12:28:52

    ...and to everyone who responded so generously and graciously with gifts of money and also some very kind comments. :) Looks like the total is about $550, a little less than I think the ad money might have been but certainly enough to take the weight of worry off my shoulders, and I am grateful for you all. :)



    1. Thanks for keeping up with the Scamsters of RMN for us. It is actually kind of interesting to have Susoni step up and say something. Study this exchange and you can see how easy it is to con the public. Note that no facts are provided, it is all more emotional manipulation. Sometimes you just have to let them learn for themselves.

    2. Sskids, it they are this clueless perhaps the 'kind donors' are a joy fellow scammers. Let us consider.....

  3. $20 or $30 per rube? Seems like more than RaéLoon usually asks for. Is there trouble brewing in Druid Hills? Or are we just gearing up for the Great 2017 Super Scam? Predicted expenses include, but not limited to:

    New vehicle, new hospital bills, new server bills, new domain registration bills, and always always have to remember that we have to pay her power, phone, internet, and cable tv bills as well, otherwise she will take RMN down forever.

  4. 2W3X4YZ5, you are so right. If they do not get the Dollars rolling in they are doomed. Since Hobie is definitely a pro scammer he needs to be paid. We know he has had other scams but not what other ones may still be active. We know nothing about his habits but we can assume he has a life style to support. Remember, Raye has no hospital bills so that is a fiction ( RMN Readers always seem to forget this). But don't forget the vet bills for her dogs - that is not covered - and other expenses, all completely unsupported by documentation. Thanks for your comment!

  5. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room


    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 26-Apr-2017 02:17:21

    Hi, Folks -

    Many thanks indeed to the 24 fine folks who have donated $1615 toward RMN's expenses for April, on the way to our goal of $2500. :)

    April is one of our shorter months, so we're now in the final 5 days of April. Contributions of another $885 will "ring the bell" and help make sure RMN remains available for all.

    Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting:

    Blessings, all.