Sunday, April 9, 2017

Apology for my inattention to your comments.

I must apologize for the number of comments I failed to moderate and post this last while.  Things have been busy around here and a family member has been seriously ill as well.  He is just starting to mend and we hope he will be up and back to work soon after Easter. 

This is Easter Week and I hope these days are blessed and that the Easter Bunny is generous with what makes you happiest!  

This is a traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg.  I started making these when the Wandzeras moved in one house from us when I was seven or eight.  

The Wandzeras were a fascinating family, very musical.  Antonia, the Mom worked for Howard Hughes as a secretary and her husband, Tzar (he had a real name but no one called him that), was in charge of the Moon Rover project at Hughes.   

Shelley,  Rochell, was my best friend for a good part of our lives.  Everyone made Easter Eggs all year.  It is a fascinating craft and worth learning .  

                  Have a Wonderful Easter! 

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