Friday, April 7, 2017

The Duke and Doxie of Manchester site is up and working See below

This morning we received a query via the contact form on this site reading, "where is the duke and duchess site - it is down.  really miss reading it you worked so hard.  hope it gets put back up."

The site is up and  thanks for noting many from RMN are following the antics of the Ducal Despoilers.  I will list the URLs, slightly changed due to exasperation with my former URL register to and, for Laura personally,

I strongly considered dropping Laura but her contacts to me persuaded me she continues to pursue the silly strategy of attempting to repair the Manchester reputation by publishing articles from the long past on their wealth and earned honors.  It is sad, and we probably all wish she would find something positive to do with her time, but that is the story.  

We understand Laura is living in Laguna Beach, CA, likely with a relative.  Craig does not appear to be in the piture but may be throwing some money her way.  

Alex is safely incarcerated for previous crimes in the Nevada system and when I have a moment I will find his contact information and publish it here so you can write to him, if you like.  

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