Saturday, August 22, 2015

Agent 86 Finds More Fun With the Dinar Scammers

Agent 86 says, "Hobie defends felon TNT Tony Renfrow's criminal activities to a somewhat delusional RumorSwill reader."

Naturally Hobie-Jeff-Zap-Zapper knows all about this because it is one of his own scams, too, right?  Poor TNT was just doing what all conmen - let's not forget Dr. Hare, the most respected expert in the study of psychopathy, ways conmen are always psychopaths.  

Psychopaths also lose the limits of what people will buy.  Remember Maddoff.  

Out the the resulting chaos comes lots more indictments. Remember, the FBI now supplies information on corporate psychopaths, along with other varieties.  

Reader: "TNT Tony is headed for jail. There is just the date of when he has to report."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 22-Aug-2015 03:56:10

(Thanks, A. :)
Below, Reader Anthony offers his view regarding TNT Tony (Tony Renfrow).
Anthony, aside from any question of Renfrow's integrity or lack thereof, you've been misinformed about the nature of the program for which he was hauled into court.
There was never mention of 14% compounded daily. Rather, was a "paid-to-surf advertising traffic exchange" program, at a time when there were many paid-to-surf programs on the Web. The promise was for a return of 14% of what one had paid in, for each day that one surfed the requisite number of sites from within the 14DailyPlus website, within a cycle of 10 days total; the return to be paid out within 7 business days following the 10-day cycle. Thus if one fulfilled the requirements for only 6 days of the 10-day cycle, only 84% of the originally paid-in amount would be returned.
From the site's Terms & Conditions, found here:
"All payments made by 14DailyPlus are derived from the net proceeds of the sales of advertising memberships, site and email advertising, selling ad space, banner space, additional traffic credits and any other revenue producing activities undertaken by 14DailyPlus from time to time. 14DailyPlus intends to build traffic to the point where advertising and other revenues exceed payouts provided to affiliates."
I don't know the details of the court case, but it appears the DoJ chose to view the matter as an improperly offered investment opportunity and constructed their case accordingly. I expect that most who chose to participate in the program did not think of it as "an investment" but as "getting paid to surf". But if viewed -as- an improperly structured investment offering, then the uncertainty of how returns would be paid out and in timely fashion would be part of what the DoJ found objectionable.
Payments both in and out were to be made by way of e-gold or SafePay. There came a time when it was said Renfrow's e-gold account had been hacked and thus its content was not available for payouts, causing a delay. No doubt there were those who questioned this and who consequently began to believe they were being scammed. However, any who were familiar with e-gold and the general Web culture at that time would find the explanation entirely plausible. I'm sure it sounded odd or 'fishy' to most of the grand jury participants, and it would only add to the idea that this "investment" was "improperly structured" and therefore may have been part of a supposed "conspiracy to defraud".
The fact that Renfrow has now accepted a guilty plea means he is technically guilty before the law but tells us nothing about whether he was of a guilty mind when he put the program together.
Reader Anthony writes:
Re: *** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** /....
Hi Hobie,
We have exchanged some on the topic of TNT Tony before.
Recall that you had stated that somebody claimed he may have been set up for the Daily14 website fraud charges.
Anthony Renfro's website, which is available on webarchive, promised investors 14% daily compound interest. He pleaded guilty as you know.
One thing for certain. When we read his conference calls, it is clear that he is a HIGHLY intelligent man.
Here is a website that calculates interest compounded daily.
I started with $100.
The point I am making will be further on, past the math.
First here is the math: $100 compounded earning 14% daily
You started with an investment of: $100.00 on Fri, Aug 21, 2015
Your principal amount grew to: $37,922,650,559,360,606,208.00 by Mon, Aug 15, 2016
Your total cash withdrawals were: $6,692,232,451,651,873,792.00 over the course
of 360 days
Your total NET profit for the 360-day period was $44,614,883,011,012,476,928.00
Hobie, as you can see, not even a Rothschild expects that kind of return. Anthony Renfrow is a very intelligent man. Too intelligent to not know that there is NO PROGRAM IN THE WORLD, way whatsoever to even dream of earning and compensating investors that kind of return on their money
He pleaded to bilking over 4.5 Million from victims.
He is headed for jail. There is just the date of when he has to report.
Hobie, there are dinar writers who do actual research. Like Kaperoni, Mtn Goat, MyLadies... these folks actually review articles.
I myself am hoping they drop the 3 zeroes, and increase to $3.22. ie: a million becomes 1,000 x 3.22 = $3,220 per million dinar purchased. A triple on an investment of $1,000 paid.
I look forward to when TNT Tony is in jail, not because i relish anybody going to jail, but because at that time, hopefully, you will chose a reasonable intel person to post who is speaking to the issue of dinar.
TNTTony is a scammer. It is clear as day. The court record is bulletproof. He pleaded. His Daily14 was a preposterous scam.
He says the EXACT SAME CRAP every, every, every, every conference call. Like a parrot.
I do appreciate the work you do for RumorMillsNews. But as to repostings of TNT's bs, it will be nice to see it end.


  1. "The fact that Renfrow has now accepted a guilty plea means he is technically guilty before the law but tells us nothing about whether he was of a guilty mind when he put the program together."

    Is this the brilliant legal defense Rayelan and Hobie expect to use if and when they are held to account for their swindling activities? 'No your honor, I didn't know I was stealing when I stole the Family Campground money, Buck ate my paperwork and the 'squatter' stole my mail and I forgot my passwords.'

  2. Hoping the "infoeditor" might see this, as they might not possibly know. RMN is blocking my e-mail to "infoeditor", or I could suppose that it is Hobie/Zapper/ Zap/Jeff. Pretty cowardly I'd say.
    Here is a good one!
    “The Genie is out of the bottle!”

    1. Does anyone remember the radio stations Ron Paul Revolution Radio and We the People? As the owner, Danny Romano, how and why those came down. The answer will shock you.

  3. Replies
    1. I;ll ask Danny if he is ready to go public yet.

  4. You mentioned it to me MPF, so I do have a clue. Smile and stay positive all.

    1. It is Danny's story but I think people should know. I do understand the reluctance to speak out. We will see.