Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Agent 86 is being sarcastic -Rubes! Please send money to renew worthless unsought after RadioRMN domains

Agent 86 find another Rayelaneque Tid-Bit - Tnanks Agent 86!

Why would Raye need those moribund urls?  She is never going to have another radio show herself, much less another pseudo station.  Her management of the last 'station' stank.  She compiled no mailing list, ignored a professional approach to advertising, set no policies until I wrote them out, and asked not one intelligent question as a host.  

Don't waste your money.  Instead use it to get ready for what is fast approaching, the opportunity to take back our world with the speed of light.  

* Bring the widget to $1050 and Rayelan can renew the RadioRMN domains *
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 11-Aug-2015 23:29:02

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 25 fine folks who have contributed $885 toward RMN's August expenses.
As you know, each month we need about $1000 in the FundRazr widget by about the 9th, to cover important bills that come due around that date.
We didn't reach that goal this time around; if we had, I might not be writing this. :) However - on this occasion, the domains for RadioRMN came up for renewal on the 6th. True, there is no RadioRMN at the moment, but it probably will not always be this way - so Raye would like to hang on to the domain names that are part of it. I see domain name is owned by someone in Germany, along with several other domains beginning RMN. Perhaps they'd like to scoop up RadioRMN also, if we were to lose it and it became available for others to acquire.
Please contribute if you're able and would like to help out with the ability for there to be a future RadioRMN. Raye says it'll take about $140 for the several domain names.
Blessings, all.


  1. That's funny, after begging the rubes for the renewal money, the sites do not appear to be renewed.

    1. What! Are you accusing them of telling the truth? Shocking. They are quite reliable liars