Friday, August 7, 2015

Wake-Up Call is Called for!

Agent 86 says, "Thank you SO Much for the $50.00 Only $150 More Keeps the Lights on!!"

The creative writing exercises continue - I wonder which scumbag pseudoReader is assisting or if it is entirely an in-house operation?  Pseudo could be Craig, Morgan, or one of their paid cadre.  Funny to think of John Fund assisting, or his good friend Dick Cheney...nah, Dick would just have a flunky do it for him.  

Thank you SO Much for the $50.00 Only $150 More Keeps the Lights on!!
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 6-Aug-2015 16:56:42

If I don't come up with this minimum payment, I'm going to have the electricity turned off again.
As you have probably guessed, I live on the financial edge. I have no savings and I live on Social Security and VA benefits as the widow of a veteran. The $2,000 electric bill was run up by the painters who lived in the house during last winter while they were painting it.
We never saw a bill until we discovered that the electricity was turned off. When I called to find out why, I discovered that the bill was over $2,000. Needless to say, I was floored.
I set up a payment plan with them, I told them I would pay $500.00 on the first. I paid part of this amount on the 7th of last month because I had the money to do so. I still need to pay them an additional $200.00 -- since readers have already donated $50.00 -- All I need is $150 and I should be okay for this month. I hope. I think they can turn me off anytime they want.
If you can't help because, like me, you have no money... please ask God to keep my lights on. I should say to keep the electriciy on. It's summer and it's been hot here in Ohio. The dogs and I sure have appreciated our window air conditioners.
Thank you for all the help and love you have given me over the years!!
With appreciation,
Only $150.00 more!!
I also have domains I have to worry about... but to me the electric bill takes priority. When this is paid I will worry about the domains I have lost and am just about to lose.

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