Sunday, August 30, 2015

Raye Surfaces from the Swamp of Frustrated Greed

Thanks 86!  They are lucky to have gotten that much considering how many are even bothering to look at the whining and whimpering going on.

*** ANOTHER $1,015 NEEDED BY MONDAY'S CLOSE -- PLEASE CONTRIBUTE *** (no msg inside this post) *NM* (views: 43)
hobie -- Sunday, 30-Aug-2015 04:55:38
*** JUST 4 DAYS LEFT TO RAISE $1225 - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE *** (views: 90)
hobie -- Friday, 28-Aug-2015 04:23:29


  1. Hobie cannot even be bothered to give the rubes a bullshit story

    NEW: *** LAST DAY - $920 STILL NEEDED - HELP US OUT, FOLKS *** (no msg inside this post) *NM* (views: 9)
    hobie -- Monday, 31-Aug-2015 04:45:04

    1. Perhaps income from RMN is no longer as important to Good Old Raye and Jeff-Hobie. Perhaps their new scams are more reliable. Could be.

  2. The WIDGET needs it !

    The Fundrazr widget is short by $890.00 and today is the last day

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 31-Aug-2015 10:49:06

    The Fundrazr widget is short by $890.00 and today is the last day.

    I've had the most horrible stomach flu for about a week now. Even though I am over the throwing up phase, I am left with a weakness and general "yuck" feeling.

    This hit me while I was in the middle of actually unpacking my boxes. Some of which have never been unpacked since I arrived in Ohio.

    When all is set up properly, I will have an ebay store which hopefully will help with the expenses I incur from RMN.

    If you can please help make up the additional $890.00 that is missing from the fundrazr widget I will be so grateful.

    1. Missing? No, declined to participate in the scam. If ever anyone deserved a stomach ache it is Raye. Let her enjoy it.

  3. On August 25th Rayelan the liar claimed she had Meniere's and electrolite imbalance, today she claims the stomach flu. She tells so many lies I guess it is tough to keep them straight. She is a very poor advertisement for all those mlm health, supplements and snake oil tonics that she promotes. On the plus side, I guess she paid the server and her fake electric bill, or is that next?

    1. What!?! You don't want to help poor, poor Raye pay her electric bill? But the trip to Mars is powered by electricity and it really costs. That is the real reason for those high electric bills, you know. Bet she wishes she thought of that one!

  4. Rut Roh, Someone again forgot to change the Widget to the new month that it is. Holding out for the "Shadow Soul' for $525 maybe?