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Who is Rayelan Allan (AKA) Darlene Rae Smith, Allan Kooker, Raye Smith, and so forth.  To date, research has turned up nearly 20 names associated with addresses associated with Rayelan, who I will refer to on this site as RA.  

Many people, especially women, change their names during the course of their lives.  However, the change is generally to that of their husband, using their given name.  From research:

RA was born Darlene Rae Smith, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Smith.  

Little Darlene, age 3 or 4

" The youngest of four children of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith, Rayelan has two brothers, Arthur Vernon Smith, Jr., and William Smith. Donna Smith Crow is her only sister. All of the siblings are still living. 

Rayelan's mother, Bessie Campbell Smith, was the daughter of an early California pioneer family. She was descended from Daniel Rhoads, one of the rescuers of the Donner Party. Bessie's great-grandmother Mary Rhoads moved to Santa Cruz with her husband in the late 1800s.

Bessie was born in Lemoore and attended the Island School where she graduated at age 16 as valedictorian. In 1935 she married Arthur Smith in Salinas and she and her husband moved to Texas Gov. James V. Allred's cabin in White House Canyon in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Three of her four children were born at the old Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz.

Bessie lived in Santa Cruz and Soquel until the early 1950s. Then the family moved to Crows Landing, near Modesto, and stayed for 30 years. Mrs. Smith was a  homemaker and worked in Miner's Grocery and Dry Goods Store in Crows Landing before opening a children's clothing store in Gustine. Later, she moved back to the Santa Cruz area with her daughter Raye and eventually settled in Watsonville where she died, aged 89, December 16, 2007.

Arrangements for her burial and memorial service were made through Davis Memorial Chapel and interment took place at Hills Ferry Cemetery in Newman.
Rayelan's father, Arthur Vernon Smith, was born in San Diego, California. He was a long-range trucker, according to Raye Smith, and died in 1982. He is also buried in the Hills Ferry Cemetery in Newman. 

At the time of her death Bessie was survived by her sons Arthur Vernon Smith Jr. of Sacramento and William Smith of Olympia, Wash.; daughters Donna Crow of Newman and Raye Smith Kooker of Watsonville. She had 13 grandchildren; and many great-grandchildren.

The family's background, from all reports, was solid, and typically American. No mention was made in any obituary of a military background for Rayelan's father, Arthur, and as a married man with children he would not have been subject to the draft for World War II. 

Rayelan went to high school in Crows Landing, where she was raised. The family at one time lived in a modified chicken coop, according to Rayelan, but was then able to rent a house.  Rayelan reported to me feeling as if she had no social standing.

Having a mother who owned a clothing store made a big difference to Darlene, who had struggled with a speech impediment, which problem was solved by taking lessons from a speech therapist who had a British accent. This explains how Darlene lost the Southern tones in her voice, which had persisted in the family."

The use of an alias is not a sign of honesty.  There is no sign RA is being shadowed by the CIA or other government agency.  The alias' which surfaced originate from public information sites, linked with DBAs and corporations for which the user of the alias is the only signee.  

While the appearance of impropriety is not proof, it is certainly indicative of more to be researched.

RA has been married four times.   

At the time of her first marriage to Roger Kenneth Lafler, born October 5, 1945, Darlene was using the name Darlene Rae Smith. The two were married Oct 8, 1967 in Stanislaus County, California
Darlene, now Raye
On May 21, 1975 Darlene Rae Lafler married a second time. John Norvell Dyer was Chairman of the Department of Physics from 1979 – 1987, at the Navy PostGraduate School in Monterey, in Clark,County, Nevada. It appears Dyer had divorced his first wife, Barbara A. Dyer, on March 17th of the same year.

The couple were divorced at some point, evidently. Dyer died Dec 31, 1988 in Monterey.

By the time of Darlene's third marriage, to Gunther K. Russbacher in Washoe, Nevada on Aug 30, 1989 she was using the name Raye Allan.

Darlene describes Russbacher as third in the line of power at the C.I.A., along with ferrying then-Vice President George Bush to Paris during the caper of the October Surprise on October 19, 1980. On the Internet this view of Russbacher clashes with accusations he was actually a conman using someone else's identity in the article, titled, "A Pro Con," published by the Chicago Tribune on  March 17, 1992, written by Michael Tackett.

Raye drunk
Darlene's fourth and last marriage, to David Lee Kooker, took place, according to Darlene, about a year after Gunther Russbacher divorced her in 1996. Despite a diligent search, I could find no record of when, or if, the marriage took place in official records. Since many of Rayelan's other marriages took place, not where she lived, but in Las Vegas, the search was extended to the entire country. Since Rayelan uses so many alias' all searches were for “David Kooker.”

Darlene, used the name Raye Kooker, which appears in multiple locations on the web, while living at 563 Bridge St, Watsonville, CA 95076 before relocating to Ohio. A search for the location of David Kooker brings up an address for him in Rome, OH of PO Box 5007 Rome, OH 44085-0207. This is the address for Rumor Mill News.

Rome Ohio is a very small town. Its population in 2010 was 1,812 and the Post Office Box is at the center of town.

Rayelan moved to Ohio in 2010. David Kooker died in Watsonville, CA in 2005.

Other names she is citing as having used include: Raye D Allan, Raye Smith Allan, Raye Allen, Allan Kooker, Rayeallan Kooker, Raye Allan Kooker, Allan Raye, Raye Allan Smith, Darlene Raye Allan, and Darlene R. Smith. All of the names here listed are associated with the address in Watsonville. Darlene R. Smith is named as Ceo of RMNews.

RA dramatizes her life and background.  Her family background is, according to research,  respectably solid and modest.  Her personal history is impossible to track for periods of time, which include some of her most fantastic claims.

She routinely lies about her antecedents.

Claims RA makes for which there is no third party documentation:

Rayelan claims she is actually the Arch-Duchess of Austria because of her seven year marriage to Gunther Russbacher.  About Russbacher
Experts in the inherited lines of Austrian aristocracy found this claim without merit. 

Rayelan claims her father, who was associated with the CIA or other covert government organization, took her to Austria when she was around nine years of age to arrange for her to marry the son of a highly placed member of the aristocracy, Gunther Russbacher, her third husband.
Rayelan provides no proof her ancestry makes any such arranged marriage even remotely likely, if such marriages actually were then being arranged by families covertly engaged in a centuries long breeding program, as Rayelan claims.  

Rayelan claims she was subjected to mind control by the CIA, as was her oldest brother.  
While it is very true children were used in programs by the CIA, only one example being the infamous MK-Ultra experiments, Rayelan provides no proof by any family member this was the case or that she was not a student in local schools to the family's place of residence for the entire time of her childhood. But her claims are persistent and the place where she says this happened is named as one used for these purposes. 

Rayelan claims she was paid to snitch on fellow employees who were small time users of pot while she was working as a shoe saleswoman in her early 20s.
Many people engaged in this kind of activity for profit, and Rayelan did not deny she was paid to do so.  She showed no shame for having done so, in this way violating the trust of people who, presumably, viewed her as a trusted friend.   Rayelan's expressed pride in this supposed activity raises other questions about her values. 

Rayelan claims she was paid by the same covert government operation to begin a sexual relationship with a Mexican drug lord and report on his activities.  She then claims she was going to marry him and was shocked when he was murdered. 
Again, Rayelan showed no grief or regret for having been paid to engage in this activity, which, presumably, an emotionally normal person would experience if they were considering marriage.  

Rayelan claims she was trained for, and took part in, a special operation during the Vietnam Conflict to extract Russbacher from Laos.  She claims she was told the subject for the removal was her fiance, who she believed had died there in combat.   She reports falling out of a helicopter and being rescued herself. 
No explanation as to why she would have served any potentially useful function in such an operation is forthcoming. 

More On Rayelan's personal history, from her own report
Darlene Smith, the name it would appear Raye Smith stopped using, appears at this link. The link reads: http://www.mylife.com/raelon3967e Raelon is an unusual spelling and one which Darlene has used. It also appears in her autobiographical tome, The Obergon Chronicles – Earth's Hidden History, New Age Channels, Mind Control, Extraterrestrials and the New World Order.”

Darlene claims in Obergon Chronicles to have lived many lifetimes with Gunther, who in their first life time together was Atalon. She was Raelon, and it was a romance which was to continue for millions of years, down to this life, where he told her she was too fat, divorced her, and ran off with her best friend. 
Never small minded, this does not prevent Rayelan from continuing to use his name when it suits her, or claiming to still be married to him and so she claims to be the Arch-Duchess of Austria. 
This is from the beginning of the romance in Obergon Chronicles, available to read free online. 
The book reads like a mix of a badly written bodice ripper crossed with L. Ron Hubbard. 
Rayelan told me, only after I arrived in Ohio, I was her sister, Shalma, in this life. She was very insistent on this, which was somewhat off-putting after I read only the first few pages of Obergon Chronicles. 
She may say this to all her victims. 
And Raelon's romantic adventure begins here.

These biographical tales have been transmitted to our contact on the planet Terra for the specific purpose of awakening the memory of home in the children of Obergon. These souls have now finished their lessons on Terra and it is time for them to awaken and return home.

Story One:
Our story begins in the days before the Planetary Council had forbidden interplanetary trade with the small blue planet called Terra. Our first actor is Atalon, who came from one of the small planets circling the triple star, Sirius. His home planet was Obergon, the ruling planet of the Obergon solar system. From the planet Obergon, the court of his father, Lord Odon, ruled the smaller planets; (Felgon, Argon and Trigon) that orbited the star Obergon.

Rumor Mill News is the only online 'news site,' where the Editor-in-Chief panhandles. This is the term the police officer offered when I described her behavior on Rumor Mill News to him some weeks ago. 
There is no relationship between Rayelan's frantic pleas for money and the reality of her day to day life, as I have already partly documented on this site. 

Here is a posting which appeared on RMN, with my commentary included on October 16th 2013. 
Everyday, the fund razr widget should bring in 112.90. By the 16th of each month there should be $1806.45 in the widget. There is only $1,262 in the widget, which means I am $544.45 short of what should be in the widget right now.
This means there are $500.00 worth of bills that have not been paid.
Yep, Rayelan is being sued. What is astonishing is that this is the first time her legal difficulties have come to the attention of Readers with information from the victim.

The Ploy of the Retreat for Rumor Mill Readers and Agents in Ohio, advertised as a serene place for conferences and contemplation, for which Rayelan did fundraising, never materialized. Naturally, it was someone else's fault, in this case the Lee family, who rescued her from Watsonville, was blamed, though it is likely they did not know she filed police reports about their 'thefts.' 
Rayelan asked me to compile these reports for the police and make out lists of the items which she claimed had been stolen. When these began to surface from the morass which is her basement and storage around the house she said, “Oh, I guess they did not steal that.” But she refused to correct the police reports which, by then, had been filed. 
Rayelan positions herself as a competent businesswoman. I never saw any evidence this was the case. 
Rayelan refused to discuss the matter of the RMN Retreat with an attorney or pursue a resolution. 

In 2011 Rayelan was contacted by an operative who was associated with Dick Cheney for the purpose of destroying Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, who was then posting her articles on RMN as well as many other far more respectable outlets.  A plan was put together to persuade Melinda to relocate, supposedly temporarily, to Ohio to do some reorganizing work for Rumor Mill News.  

The plan was to result in Melinda's death.  To assist her, Rayelan made contact with the Manchesters who she knew. Rayelan was aware Duke Alex was a psychopath, as she was, as psychopaths are, aware she was one herself.  

The team assembled would stress Melinda and bring on a heart attack.  Away from her home, terrified by what was happening to her, this would happen.  Rayelan would make sure it did by dosing her with what were supposed to be 'supplements,' but which would impact Melinda, raising her blood pressure and bringing on her death.  

The NeoCons possess an extended network of  individuals who are very willing to be paid to carry out covert assassinations which are planned to appear to be natural deaths.  All of those on the Kill Melinda Team expected to be well paid for their participation.  

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